Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya sang a romantic song for arch enemy Rubina Dilaik, so the fans swung happily, tweets filled in full.

Fans go gaga as Rahul Vaidya sings for Rubina Dilaik: In Bigg Boss 14, now the finale of the finale is coming very close. There are just a few days left for the finale. In such a situation, all the families are now fighting for the finale. Meanwhile the Makers have called some RJs into the house. Who will be seen talking interesting things to the family in the coming episodes. During this time, when RJ Singer Rahul Vaidya will be asked to sing a song for his arch enemy Rubina Dilika (Rubina Dilaik), he will be Shahrukh Khan’s superhit romantic song ‘Tu Ya Kar … Ya Na Kar … ‘Will sing the song. Upon hearing this, Rubina Dilaiak herself will start to swing happily.

This moment of the upcoming episode is given by the makers through a cute promo. But after watching this promo, the fans of Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaiq have become both surprised and crazy. Fans are sharing their happiness on social media after watching this video. The fans of Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik have commented that they are even the best couple. Let’s see what the fans have commented on this cute video.

Rahul sang a song for Rubina Dilaik

Fans made such comments

Is the enmity really fading?

We saw a healthy conversation between Rubina Dilaiq and Rahul Vaidya for the first time after the weekend special episode of Weekend. During this time, both were seen sitting leisurely with each other. This conversation was about the direction of proposing Rahul Vaidya to Parmar. In which Rahul Vaidya said that if he were not at home, he would have thought a hundred times before proposing direction. But this house is such that at times it becomes so weak and emotional that you do many things without thinking. Rubina Dilaiq smiles and talks to him openly.