Bigg Boss 14: Sidharth Shukla reveals he stole money from his father’s wallet to impress girls – tv

Sidharth Shukla has the privilege of being a ‘senior’ in Bigg Boss 14 and he has no household duties. She recently shared a fun childhood reminder with her colleagues. He said he was stealing money from his father’s wallet but one day he was caught by a trick played by his parents.

Siddharth recalled the details of his college life while discreetly stealing money from his father’s wallet to impress the girls. In the Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip, shared by Wood, Sidharth is conversing with fellow contestants, including Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan and Rahul Vaidya.

Reminiscing about her early college days, Siddharth said she was struggling to “patao” girls with no money to spend. He said he had succeeded in stealing some money from his father, “Dad ka wallet Hamesha bhara hua rehta tha. Note Woh woh apne paisa systematically rakhte, note wise. Pehle 500K, Fir 100, Fir 50, Ur Side Side Ace 100 K Not Dale Hue. Toh Maine Socha Yar, Itna Paise, Ghanta Society Chief Ayega Ka Paisa Kahan Hai. Maine Socha Ye Wale Said Pe Papa Bhar Ke Rakhte Hai, Muje Nahi Laga Jin Ke Raha Hoga, 2-3 Bar Maine Lia. Urr is just Dad Ko Pad Gaya Malam. . They put 100 count notes on the side, not counting them. I took 2-3 times money from that side of the wallet. But my father knew about this).

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Siddharth then revealed the clever way his parents found a solution to the problem. The day before he left office, his father told the family that he was losing money. His mother said, “Ek kam karo. Paisa Kum Hota Hai Na, Op Likho Kitna Paise Kum Hua Haiur Usko Rak Do Andar. Uska chit rakh do, ir fir fir kum hoga doh tekhte hai (do a job. You are saying that you are losing money. Whenever you lose money, write that amount on paper and put it in your wallet. See you later). ”