Bigg Boss 14: These 21 One Liners of Rahul Vaidya won the heart of the fans, Sense of Humor is awesome.

The finale of Bigg Boss 14 now has just a few days left. Every contestant in the house is trying hard to take the winner’s prize. If there is any competition between any two people on social media, they are Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik. Rahul Vaidya has kept the audience tied to his game throughout the season. Rahul has won the hearts not only of performance in the task but also of his one liners in the show. Rahul’s oneliners have made people crazy. Here we are telling you the best 21 one liners of Rahul.

– A man who is with everyone, he cannot be with anyone.

– Girban, which ban? Gardener?

– A Big Boss is going on here. A personal big boss of Rubina ji is going on.

– There is heart but there is also content in the heart.

– We don’t want anyone, we want to be needed.

– This is not a rocket, Rubina’s loose socket

– One was king, one was queen, one came back, the story would end.

– Het do it by someone who has an opinion.

– The lion is alone. Jackals always go together.

– Even if we pray, we become infamous. If they kill, they are not even discussed.

– If you say it is amazing, if we say it is a ruckus.

– The king is always the king.

– It will happen to the ears. How will you clear the dirt of your heart?

– The enemy must also be equal.

– We are the kings of the heart. Hostility is also done from the heart.

– Get bored of your Nainital, then your scientist has a setting on the mars.

– Those who consider me as lentils and rice. I cannot respect them with biryani.

– My Sorry is not so cheap. I do not speak until it comes from the heart.

– It became the same thing. You are a good cricketer, centuries are very much, but you will not play matches.

Sir, what do you mean if I win the game and lose my heart?

– Abe Dinoshi’s Rambo silent.

After reading all this you must have understood that Rahul Vaidya can be a wonderful singer as well as a good dialogue writer. What do you think is the best dialogue? Comment and tell us.