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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10 Jan Promo Som coming in as the first Finalist

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10 Jan Promo: I was often asked if there would be a twist in the Big Boss story as well as the rabbit-turtle story. It seems to have happened with Som coming in as the first Finalist. I also thought that Aari or Balaji would come in as many expected. But the wind has diverted. But I think Som’s success has established an invisible justice.

The Big Boss competition is not about doing tasks better, fighting aggressively, arguing out loud and establishing one’s presence. In a way, it is this kind of violence that makes us more rebellious. We consider them as the main competitors. We think of the one who gives up as ‘Koinjsami’. But the motto, ‘Those who give up are not spoiled’, has been proven through Som’s success. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Som Shekhar wins the Ticket to Finale

Som is the one who overcomes even moments of anger with his patience and humor. As well as the one who stops the fights of others. I have to say Soma was the first to go in harmony with everyone in the Big Boss house. The verse that Archana went on to say is somehow true. ‘In the end only love wins’. That is the invisible justice that has now emerged.

People with a patient nature have endured many ups and downs in their lives with patience. “Should we be so patient?” At times like that the energy within them can arise from within. But patience, love and sobriety will win in the end. That is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Som Shekar wins the ticket to finale; Aari Arjuna gets saved first and becomes the second finalist

No flaws on Som? There is. Even after days of Big Boss coming home, his uniqueness or identity has not been revealed. He was hiding safely and luxuriously behind the ‘love’ group. It was only after Archana’s expansion that his uniqueness began to emerge. In a way excessive love is poison.

True love is unconditional. This is what Bharati sang, ‘Arulvai Nannenche to the enemy’. The real love is to love without thinking of anyone as an enemy. Group attitude is the name given to showing love only to those who are compatible with it, such as ‘selective amnesia’. This is kind of what Som does. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10th January 2021: Who Will Be Eliminated in Finale Week With Cash Prize?

Consider also what happened today. After Kamal announces that ‘Ari has been saved’, Som tells KP that ” I would have been happy if someone had saved your awesome pearl ”. Som knows better that Ari is a better player than their team. It is selfish love to think that the success of their team is more important than the success of Ari.

“Let anyone win. But be honest. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” In a way that is true love. Unconditional love.

I think the only other kind of justice that will be available to him is for Som’s success to stand proudly as the ‘First Finalist’. Let’s see.

Kamal was wearing an unobtrusive blue coat. “Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Discuss with rivals and people .. Fight Make peace. Selfishness is available to those outside as it happens to those inside the home. That is the benefit of this show, ”said Kamal. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 10th January 2021: Who Will Be Eliminated in Finale Week With Cash Prize?

This is what I have been saying since the first season. The net profit for the time it takes to watch this show is to approach the show with self-reflection and let its positive changes spread within us. On the contrary, if we develop negative thoughts about it such as fuss, teasing, violence, lining, then the loss is ours.

Kamal showed the events on Friday. After the emotional song ‘Singappenne’, Big Boss started showing his work. ‘Singanganna should not be idle. Let’s fight ‘, he announced to Shivani and Ramya to throw the ball to each other.

Ramya half-heartedly threw the ball, but Shivani could not even do it. He also throws the ball angrily in response and then asks’ Do you want to win by doing all this? He stood stunned with pity. It just shows that he is light-hearted. ‘Don’t give up’ appeared to be ‘damn mecca’ when others cheered ‘I don’t have the guts to throw the ball’.

Instead of hitting both of them in the face, they may have hit the rope holding hands. Do not hit in the face. Luckily the Big Boss immediately stopped the mutual ball-throwing ceremony and told both of them to stand in a half-folded position. ALso REad Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Bala and Aari patch up, Kamal appreciates

Those who are not accustomed to working properly will be teased, saying, ‘I see his back.’ It was a terrible test for Ramya, who was terrified of a physical task like that. So he left the rope without enduring the pain. Even then Shivani did not let go of the rope. Kodikatta Kumaran stood holding the model and then fell to the floor tired.

The two may have been standing for about four hours. Compliments. It was a good scene as fellow contestants first aided and lifted both of them who were exhausted and laid them on the bed and applauded. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Shivani To Get Eliminated From The Kamal Haasan Show?

It is not known why Rio shouted angrily when Big Boss instructed rivals to stand in a folded position. It may be a matter of concern that already exhausted female competitors are still being bullied. But showing anger in places where he is not involved is on the one hand humorous and on the other hand irritating.

The 97th day dawned. Ari was watching the change in the score list that was out. He could see in his eyes the power of those who strictly followed the rules of the Big Boss to stay behind and those who violated to stand in front.

These days Ari is generally very emotional and no one has ever seen her. He was a strict follower of the Big Boss rules even when his daughter arrived. But today I could see that he was more emotional and blindfolded. Calling Balaji, he said, “Ruleslam is enough from Bhukla. No need to follow. I apologize for questioning your sportmanship. I feel guilty, ”he said with tears in his eyes. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Som was declared as the winner of ticket to finale task and he met his mother on a video conference

The reason for Arie’s resilience is that Rio and KP are at the forefront, even if they make a mistake in the task of catching the rope. ” All right. Let go. Feel bad for this .. Let’s play honest ” Balaji wiped Ari’s eyes. It’s almost like seeing Balaji in Ari’s place and Ari in Balaji’s place.

Ari does not need to feel guilty like this. He did the right thing. But he must have grown accustomed to the verse of the movie Mahanadi, ‘All the respect that should be given to the good is spoiled for the bad’.

There is one more thing to talk about here. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is natural to be angry at those who do not act when they are acting honestly. Aryan is the one who gets angry at those who cleverly intercept when we stand in a long line properly.

Apart from this there is an absurd practice in the Big Boss house. There is no one to monitor the contestants in non-refereeing tasks. Bigboss does not interfere. So when competitors make a mistake they confuse themselves as to whether it is irregular or loose. It’s going to be fun for those who make the mistake. The confusion is compounded by the fact that the score is obtained even if the error is made.

‘The Big Boss will not interfere. Didn’t you see ‘, Kamal Haasan once said. This means that competitors must play with self-responsibility and honesty. But can this be expected of everyone? Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: First finalist of Big Boss Season 4 and second promo has been released

Som finished first with 43 points out of nine tasks completed to select the first Finalist. Next in line was Rio with 40 points. Surprisingly Shivani was in third place with 39 points.

Ari and Balaji sat down and talked again with mutual flexibility. ‘I have never apologized even to Kamal Sir Ketta. But I will cry for you ‘, Balaji was melting. (Balaji would not have expected then that Kamal Saare was watching this scene live on screen).

“I will take your advice even if I go out. I have told you no man. But you are a great man ‘, it is good to see that Balaji was melting. But the old ‘new moon’ should not come back when the competition is still going on for a few days. It seems that Ari will take note of this.

‘We have seen a positive change of heart with the contestants now that we have reached the finals of the competition. This is what they will take out as success and property, ‘said Kamal. (So ​​there is no prize money?). Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ramya shivani impress in the final task bigg boss tamil season 4

The lesson of these hundred days is wonderful. My days are made .. ‘என்றெல்லாம் நெகிழ்ந்த கமல்’ Love flourishes when a fellow human being is kindly handed over. ‘ Kamal’s conversation today was wonderful and soulful.

Kamal, who came in via Agam TV, congratulated Somai on being selected as the ‘finalist’, gave her a certificate and asked her to open a cutout. In this context, we need to understand what Som said flexibly, ‘History to speak to me .. sir’ in a different way. Som choked with joy. Not choked on speech. It’s a good thing Som thanked his fellow contestants. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 9th January 2021 Vote Result: Final Voting Results Confirms Shivani For Week 14 Eviction and Somshekar is First Finalist?

Each contestant said individually that ‘Som deserves this’. Although Balaji is generally known to be angry and playful, he records his feelings with the right words when he speaks sincerely. This feeling emerged while Soma was greeting. ‘This is a gift for Som’s virtues, love, patience,’ said Balaji.

Som was more flexible as his mother came in the video and gave a pleasant surprise. I was able to understand at first what Som later said, ‘Don’t talk too much to him.’ Som’s mother stammered, not knowing what to say. Only in the eyes did love and affection overflow.

Kamal also praised Rio’s mental strength for being next to Som. I have also mentioned in this series that Rio’s mental strength is surprising at times compared to Balaji and Ari. Kamal said, “I know that no one should be underestimated.”

“You were behind the task of finding the song .. why?” Kamal inquired to Ari that ‘The criticisms you made about me at the end of last week made me a little tired. Kamal also understood Ari’s explanation that he could not do some tasks properly due to other reasons including shoulder pain. (I’m a stupid idiot in cinema shooting action scenes ?!). Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to Finale Winner Somshekar won TTF Task and safe from eviction week

“I have never seen Engappa cry .. Grandpa Sethappa was also a man like a stone yesterday. Kamal will utter the verse in the film ‘Vasul Raja’ that ‘your eyes watered as soon as you said a word’ Suruk ‘Kunnu. Kamal has never seen Ramya crying like this. In the rope task he saw tears in his eyes.

Shivani and Ramya said the song ‘Singappenne’ and the urge to throw the ball at a fellow contestant brought tears to her eyes.

It is Rio’s custom to understand what Kamal is saying at times as Kokuma. Even today, when Kamal says something, he folds his legs and mistakenly thinks that Kamal is referring to what he has on the sofa. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to Finale Winner Somshekar won TTF Task and safe from eviction week

In the task of rolling the ball on the ground, I had written about the mistake that made Balaji easily calculate KP and select him as his rival. Kamal also said the same thing and praised KP for saying that ‘women are not slackers for men’.

Anyway, Kamal takes a little extra ownership and pet only if Ramya. It was good to see you come and win as’ Karakattakkari ‘,’ said Kamal with a laugh.

‘This week’s Taskla Balaji Rules are all in order. That’s a big win for him ‘, Balaji laughed embarrassed to give Kamal a sarcastic compliment.

‘Look at Madha Big Boss .. how to plan .. ask me why you are not going to do it. That is not my attitude. I will not do that. ‘Such a red lion. But it is wonderful that Kamal said, ‘I would have given both the options to the contestants.’ Only love and patience can bring about a true conversion.

“It simply came to our notice then. But I will not let the mistake panna knowingly. I will knock ‘, Kamal entered the political arena. He also used the clichே (MGR) song ‘If you make a mistake, you know it’.

‘I recommended my style to Ari. If you preach with kindness, you will get the benefit of it ‘, Kamal pointed out in the video where Ari and Balaji were talking and said,’ Do you want to watch the song ‘Masooda with Shiva and Shakti .. Super has come .. Awesome people have acted well’.

‘Yappa .. Sami. Never trust these. This is what I have been saying from the beginning. Our former Agni star, Prabhu – Karthik ‘model went back and forth’ la..la .. la’nnu Vikram film Ottarangadov ‘articulated them Ramya. It is this dissolving of white that makes him a villain at times.

What Balaji said about Arya was really flexible. ‘The sentence of justice was more of a bad sentence to him than a good sentence in the task. The red ink is the one I like to see the most. I failed to see the green ink, ‘said Balaji. (You can write the script for the serial Basu). ‘I don’t even have a drop of violence on Balaji. He even fought because he wanted to play well. ”Arie nodded in response.

‘It’s a sound that both hands hold together. The sound of love ‘, Kamal wrote the summary in excellent language. (Joining hands with Balaji and Arya – Part-2 as Kamala Direct Pannac)

“Look. These are the people who come together .. People who think of this paragraph to step on the killing spree for the sake of social media eviyinkal ‘ Kamal said Thiruvasakam.

Balaji and Arik do not remember when they were talking like that. Looks like they were immersed in that amount of emotion. So they were talking about it confused. ‘I miss this season’s love story. Let’s write that history ‘, Som teased them.

Balaji, who used to chant ‘Cup is important son’, now says’ it doesn’t matter if Daskla wins. It’s important to win the hearts and minds of the people. ” (What’s next .. Politics. Pasu ?!).

When Kamal returned via Agam TV, Ramya’s arrival was delayed. ‘They have been beaten, sir. That is the reason. But only the mouth speaks well ‘, Som teased. Ramya smiled at her trademark smile. (What’s going on here? .. Sounds like a love story track!).

Kamal came to the Judicial Task Force hearing. Competitors were unable to remember the words given to them. (People like Rio are the exception). So it is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Indian cuisine. ‘I got a red card for talking on the side. I will dissolve everyone. There will be no Atula beast. But I only realized it after someone from the Collar of the Week came and told me. I do not say anything with intention ‘, explained Ramya.

Balaji lamented the sadness with which his anger took on so many negative phrases. ‘Shivani, who said he was embarrassed to have bought a red card due to his irresponsible character, has vowed not to change anymore.

‘I knew in advance. I’m coming to Lostla, ‘said Ari. Ari was then saying to Balaji (slightly wrongly) the motto, ‘Only a dry tree can be stoned’.

Som, who said he got a negative sentence in the discrimination case, has now (later) admitted the secret fact that he ‘shared the eggs’.

Rio said he was happy to have the phrase ‘unity is strength’. “Whatever my weakness is, I’m glad I finally got it right and positive,” Agam said. But Rio’s understanding is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with one being in solidarity. That’s a good thing. But the unity of a group should not discriminate or do injustice to those outside it. This is the biggest criticism of ‘Love Alliance’. I don’t know why Rio doesn’t understand this simple logic.

‘I have earned a good name by speaking clearly as an anchor. Please tell

, whats the story of them big puppys ………….. Kamal concluded his trial by quoting Attichudi as ‘Mikainadi Mikka Kolal’. (No, this is it!

Okay .. everyone is in the nomination. Som escaped. Can one save the other now? ‘ Kamal was a little taken aback, then told the news that Ari had been saved. Ari is totally deserving of this. But Ari, who usually accepts his recognition with a smile and flexibility in moments like this, has been emotional for the past few weeks.

What scene suddenly came to your mind when you heard the news that he had been saved and when you saw him sitting on the floor and tapping his hand? Yes, that’s what came to me. As if Ari’s indignation had swelled like this.

Ari, who was pouring the same flexibility back into Balaji, said, “No matter how true one works .. I have not even one per cent curiosity about you.”

“It simply came to our notice then. But it would have been nice if one of your awesome pearls had been saved, ‘Som was telling KP. (Yappa .. Love Alliance. Support your closet. Like you can’t even change the game).

It has been reported that Shivani is leaving this week. This is a long-awaited one. But it would have been comforting if this had happened before. Because Shivani has just opened her mouth. Even if it is a tough task it stands as a challenge. All the advice he gave was perfect, especially when Balaji needed it. So it is a pity that he was expelled at this stage.

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