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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update

To this end, the latest news of the death of their father Anita, who was last expelled from the competition, would have shocked most Big Boss viewers. Anita had a passionate love and affection for her family. I was able to feel this pressure in the discussion he had with Aari.

It is a sad fact that Big Boss returned home at this stage and was able to see his body without being able to talk to his father. I see this as a bit of a loss as RC Sampath is a writer. Sampath has written books on various personalities of the world. Tribute to him. May Anita’s family soon come out of this grief of loss.

Before that – I wrote yesterday that a family is a major factor in developing a child’s personality. Evidence of this can still be seen today. Rio’s face disappears as she remembers her family. Every morning he wakes up to the faces of his wife and baby. I was able to know where so much sentiment is coming from when I see his loving wife today.

Similarly Ramya’s permanent smile, sense of humor, knee jokes etc can be felt when she sees her mother. He did not cry when he saw his daughter. Not overly emotional. He has the problem of ‘this is the reality’. “Thank you Kamal Sarkitta …” he says and pleads with the Big Boss team to “put this on Edith Pannidama”. Very cute mom. Just like Ramya’s brother spoke so naturally.

They sang the melody and thumping song ‘My Window Came Wind’ from the movie ‘Theeratha Vilayatup Pillai’ As if Balaji and Shivani are not talking now … sin!

Bigboss calls Shivani ‘Shiva’ or something to cheer him up. Shivani, who was carrying a hot box, is ‘frozen’ and playing. Ramya also ‘frees’ Ramya when he sees the sin and buys it. Thus the pranks of the Big Boss continue.

When Bala puts his hand on Pongal, Big Boss ‘frees’ Balaji as if to warn him, “Nayakkar aya … come and escape.”

“Prabhu and Karthik are together. This scene is not good. You are the beauty of the fight,” says Ramya.

The Big Boss contestants try to torture a crow in a tree and scream like it, and in the middle of it, the crow cries and ‘loops’ as the crow crows when it hears the crow’s strange howl. Som plays with the painting on his face while freezing the cape that is engaged in makeup. In return KP draws lipstick for him while Som is frozen and transforms it into ‘Selamia’. Interesting views to watch.

Bigbos freezes Ramya standing near the door of Bigbos like a textile toy. The house feels that someone is coming to play in the background of the song ‘Un Kootave Porakkanum’. Coming is Ramya’s brother. Parasu is taller and firmer than Balaji.

Galatta calls Ajith ‘Nandampa Original Brother’. Balaji doesn’t t-shirt much on any of Big Boss’s orders as other competitors jokingly point out. He does it with his left hand. So he broke up and shook hands with Ramya’s brother and welcomed him. ‘We are on National Television’ as Rio shouted in anger as the comedy spread like wildfire outside. Parasu jokes about it to Rio.

Then “Where do we find my leader?” When Parasu looked for Ari, he said, “What is Ari, your leader? Is he teasing … is he telling the truth … is he talking like that outside? ” That is the funny shock Ramya.

Unlike Bala, Ari does not let Big Boss’ orders fly in the air. There is no one better than Ary when it comes to duty. So Ari greeted Parashu with a smirk on his lips without bending over. Ramya nodded proudly in her face, “My brother came from the Dubai crossroads.” … No … Are you eating? ”Parasu is so jovial that Soma inquires.

After a while the store room bell rang. “It’s like the battery has arrived,” people said. Rio went naturally and opened the door a little startled. Ramya’s mother inside. “Hey … I have a battery,” said Ramya excitedly.

The brother came to Ramya who was alone and asked permission and then spoke secretly. “You play well here. You are a worthy competitor … not even going to jail once. But if you come out this week, it’s not your fault, ”he warns in advance (the voting situation says the same thing)“ Did you say I would come out then? ” Ramya tilted her head at a charming angle and hid the tension with a smile.

While they were talking in secret, Balaji casually came and stood up and said, “When Balaji is next door, tell me the secret … he will not listen?” Shanti puts the stabbing satire from a distance. (Soft hurt is like a family habit!).

Ramya’s mother asks Ramya something about her playing style, “I can’t say that. Don’t tell me. I said in general. No one should be paraphrased. Seems to point to the jade.

We may remember that Ramya was a contestant who did not lining up about anyone in the early days, though others did. But the environment has changed him.

There is no drama like the division tragedy even when the Big Boss reminds the guests of the departure time. They left to thank Big Boss and Kamal. ‘Can I have a banana?’ Ramya’s mother heard that childish prank. Blessed are those who keep their childhood safe, no matter how old they are.

Ramya pleaded between the lips, “Big Boss … Please release.” Then others came and joined.

“Did you break the bill here?” Ramya whimpered jokingly, “You seem to have decided to send me out” and then said goodbye to the scene where Ramya’s mother begs him to ‘send a coffee house’ to take a ‘group photo’ at Ramya’s request. The whole scene seemed to smile like ‘Yappa … world acting Sami’.

I would like to underline one thing here. Ramya’s family and Balaji’s brother … The moments when they came were all so much fun. A positive wave spread right into that house … right into us. Both of these guests enjoyed every moment they had at the Big Boss house. In it, Ramya’s mother created cute moments and left.

Again the same. It is the environment of a family that first shapes a child’s personality. Children will grow up in a happy and healthy state of mind only in an environment where parents are happy.

As soon as their family left, Ramya hurried to the kitchen and said, “Wing … Lattayiduchu … I will cook for you.”

“Did Rio take seriously what Ramya’s brother Ari said about being a ‘leader’?” Rio.

Ari definitely has a place in the top 3 competitors in the current situation. One of his special qualifications is that he was not in any group from the beginning. Mistakes are tapped immediately. ” Let the one with the best talent hit the cup. I am happy. It’s a good thing Ari is saying, “Let’s get the group together and stab the others.”

If you look at Ari’s minus points he’s not without lining up either. Speaks. The environment may have changed him later as it changed Ramya. Even for things that are easy to handle, it is tedious to climb the ‘chur’ in the skull and often shiver like a cockroach. There is no doubt that he puts himself at the top of the pedestal by advising others like this. ‘I qualify others,’ he said one day when Kamal came. He did not come to the Big Boss house to qualify others.

Ramya was sitting with Shivani and chewing on the autobiography along with the chicken. Shivani looked at him in astonishment to tell Ramya “Tell me where mom. I will come even if I come out this week”. “Hello … you’re a front bench student. I’m going to come out this week to see where my mom washes and blows me up,” Kankalanga Shawani said flexibly.

The Big Boss ‘froze’ him to go to Rio for something under the kitchen stage. Later KP and Somu came behind them and froze them together. Ari turned the blanket over to the peacock and wrapped the cloth around them and looked beautiful. Now Rio is the only Big Boss to release the interesting scene where Rio crawls out of the side cap saying, “Dae. Don’t bother going backwards.”

What happened after that was great comedy. ‘Is she smiling like a telephone bell?’ As Kamal Tabela reads Manisha behind the song, Big Boss takes the spoon and tries to timing the loop on the back of Som to tap Rio. A mixed martial Assamese would not have expected such a ‘rear’ attack.

It was only then that Rio realized that Big Boss had put 96 songs on ‘Love … Love’ to freeze everyone. Third Crescent Climax Kamal Haasan, the boy who got lost at the festival, all the facial expressions have started to mix and grow on the face.

It was a scene that made us slip as Rio’s wife Sruthi stepped inside and the couple hurriedly tied each other up and squinted. Only those who have been through the grief of separation can know the feelings behind this scene. Regardless of the ‘wing’ Rio moves ‘Why ask the wing?’ Sruthi sighed, “I should never have come here.” But the cute snarl.

Here is an interpolation. Once I had the surgery done, it was as if I had written ‘wing’ on the hand of a nearby wife the moment I started to slowly release myself from the grip of the anesthetic. He was the one who later told me this information. Until then it may have been the moment when all the atrocities I had committed at home froze in my depths and I asked for forgiveness.

Regardless, this is what reminded me of the moment I heard Rio ‘wing’. Celebrate the wife whenever the opportunity arises. The justice in this is that there is no need to apologize as late as I do then.

Balaji was watching from the bedroom with a thin smile all the romance that Rio and his wife were doing with tears left in the interesting scene. (Looks like the nostalgia to be inside is naked outside. Get married soon … Bala!). Rio jokingly introduced Balaji to his wife, saying, “Ivan is the one who does not respect this house pickpocket.” (You only know when the luxury score comes!).

The scene where Sruthi teases with positivity that Rio once lifted Ramya and the board scene with Rio English speaking slogan is interesting. When he teased the ‘National Television’ thing, Rio woke up saying, ‘Listen so loud’.

Sruthi shared in the congregation with the pride of a mother about the growth of their child. The nostalgia that existed within Rio must still be growing. So Rio was flexible when he showed the baby through the video to mitigate it. Rio’s mother said in a very natural tone, “Day … Rio … Mom, don’t talk … Are you okay … Come on Jaichuttu” and something like “Go to the store and buy some eggs” was cute. She should be a cool mom just like Ramya’s mom.

Rio’s YouTube friends started with ‘Yappa Palanichamy’ and left the fake tears with the chicken biryani and the disgusting scene was bound to make you laugh. The tension dissipated and Rio began to laugh.

Sruthi then spoke privately with her husband, “Why did your sense of humor, which was known in the beginning, disappear later? Bring it back. This advice and observation is very special. “Even if you win … or not … but be happy,” he said. It seems that Rio and Sruthi will be the best couple.

Sruthi craved like a child when Big Boss said ‘Sruthi … you can come out’. Balaji, who was having fun with the romance, seemed to fall asleep in that longing. Sruthi picked him up and said goodbye. “You and my husband shouldn’t fight … right?” The scene where he pleaded with Ari was a jolly firecracker and Ari expressed his trademark shy smile.

It was only today that I realized the secret of a green box that Archana had given to Som when she said goodbye. விபூதி டப்பா. It looks like Archana has left that house in the form of Vibudhi dissolving her love. Rio reverently anointed his wife with it. KP gifted him the ‘Papa Dress’ he had prepared.

‘Should I go too?’ The couple moved in with each other and said goodbye. Then near the main gate “Rio Pro … bye” Balaji was teased interesting teasing.

After a while Somu’s brother came in to play the song from the movie ‘Rettaikkathire’. Som greeted him with jealousy, “No … bomb like this.” Somu’s brother, like Ramya’s brother, was a jolly Assamese.

Then the brother, who was talking to Somu alone, was giving the correct exhortation, ‘You are still coming out of Opana.’ Som has started to shine only after Archana left. If he had done this from the beginning Ari would have become one of the undeniable rivals like Balaji. Somu’s family came through the video and greeted him, including ‘Kuttu’.

Ajith sang the song ‘Jun Bonal’ to awaken the background music of Som. The way he finished the song was so loud. Then Big Boss told Somu’s brother to come out in no time.

“As a housekeeping captain, I have a duty to myself … no one can stop me. What is my opinion here … ” Ajith was jokingly mimicking Ari’s (?) Speaking style. The show ended with him and Shivani singing the nursery rhyming song ‘Kakka Karuppu’.

It’s disturbing right now to think of some friends who are going to comment with homicide in the comment box. I make a plea for fun only for friends like that.

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