Biggest accident at Swami Dayanand Hospital, child injured due to plaster of roof

Most of the ceiling plaster fell on the ward of Swami Dayanand Hospital in Delhi on Thursday evening. After this incident, there was an impression of patients enrolled in the ward. The injured child has minor injuries. Doctors are treating them.

According to information, most of the plaster of the roof fell on the woman and her baby on Thursday evening at Ward Number One of the Surgery and Ortho section of the Swami Dayanand Hospital of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). If the child was seriously injured in the incident, the mother survived the crash. At the same time the bed was also completely damaged. Panic occurred in patients at the time of the accident and panic occurred in patients.

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Sources close to the hospital said that around Rs 3 crore is being rebuilt in the ward where the accident occurred. The hospital’s medical authorities have been avoiding talking about the matter.

The accident occurred at six o’clock in the evening when the patients were sleeping or lying on the bed. At the same time, the plaster of the ceiling fell on the woman and her son. The mother survived the plaster part, but the son was injured. When the plaster falls the pliers are cut.

The patient’s family, who was on the ward, telephoned a family reporter who had been working on the ward for several days. In this regard, Health Committee Chairman Kanchan Maheshwari says that Ward checked with Mayor Nirmal Jain after he received information about the accident. They say both mother and child are safe and the child has minor injuries.