BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayakari’s demand – West Bengal police to be kept out of future assembly elections

BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayawargiya, who has accused the police of “criminalizing” police in West Bengal, said that the Election Commission should keep the state police away from the next assembly elections to hold free and fair elections.

Vijayawargiya is the general secretary in charge of West Bengal in the BJP organization, which is expected to hold the assembly elections in April-May next year. The ruling BJP-led Mamata Banerjee-led government has been challenged in these elections to penetrate the Trinamool Congress stronghold.

Vijayavargia told reporters here that “law and order in West Bengal has collapsed. Infiltrators are coming in. Now the superi killings of political activists (extortion by political workers) have started.”

“Given these challenging circumstances, we have asked the central government to impose a presidential administration or an electoral commission in West Bengal (where the people can vote in the next assembly elections),” he said.

“Recently, representatives of the Election Commission came to Kolkata. They have promised to adequately deploy central forces during the next assembly elections. In addition to politicizing the police there, the police have been criminalized.

He said the BJP would contest on its own in West Bengal with the aim of winning more than 50 per cent of the votes in the next assembly elections and that the party would not need any other party’s electoral support in this eastern state.

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari recently said that before the corona virus crisis, Indian society had fallen victim to two epidemics – religious bigotry and aggressive nationalism. Seeking to respond to the statement, Vijayawargia said that he had not attended the traditional ceremony of lighting the lamp during the inaugural session of the Vice Presidency.

He said, “I saw him when he (Ansari) was vice president. When (the program) was lighting the opening lamp (lamp), he stood up without lighting a lamp. At that time, he didn’t even take off his shoes.”

The BJP general secretary said, “We are not saying anything at the time because he is the vice-president and the post is solid. Otherwise his radicalism is visible when he does not light the lamp.” However, when and where did Vijayavargia mention in his statement that he was referring to Ansari’s presence on stage?