BJP leader Kapil Mishra is accused of murdering Rinku Sharma’s family

Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and former legislator Kapil Mishra has gone to Mangolpuri, New Delhi, for Rs 1 crore for his family. Kapil Mishra described the killing of BJP activist Rinku Sharma as a terrorist incident. He condoled Rinku’s family and promised to help them in every way possible.

Kapil Mishra said some people are deliberately turning their backs on Ram Mandir and Jai Shri Ram. We are all standing with the family of the victims and Rinku Sharma’s family has been awarded Rs 1 crore. He said more than 9000 people around the world were giving away one crore rupees in condolences to the victims’ family.

The entire Congress and the Urban Naxal gang are carrying out poisonous and false campaigns against us today because they never imagined we could be one. Kapil Mishra said it was a terrorist incident and the jihadists surrounded and hit Rinku’s back.

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The deceased Rinku lives with his parents and two brothers in K-block, Mangolpuri and works as a lab technician at Balaji Action Hospital, Paschim Vihar, nearby. The four arrested have been identified as Mohammed Danish (36), Mohammed Islam (45), ah Tahid (26) and Mohammed Mehtab (20), police said. Danish and Islam work as a Taylor, ahhhid college student and Mehtab studies in twelfth grade.

Delhi police are investigating from all angles

However, Delhi Police PO Chinmayi Biswal reported that on February 10, some youths gathered at a restaurant in Mangolpuri area to celebrate their birthday. Some of them quarreled there and then they left. The same night they fought again, in which a boy was killed. The police have registered an FIR and arrested all the accused. On the question of murder collecting donations to the Ram temple, we have stated that we are in touch with the victim’s family. The investigation so far has revealed that the incident started with a quarrel, but we are also investigating other angles. He said the deceased and all the accused lived in the same area and knew each other very well.