Budget 2021: What is the path to jobs, get to know the experts

Experts hope that after the announcement made in the General Budget 2021-22, there will be an increase in employment, but their hopes of doing even more in favor of the government are shattered.

Amit Basol, associate professor and labor affairs expert at Azim Premji University, told Hindustan that the announcements on capacity expansion in new investments and production will undoubtedly increase employment. However, the MNREGA budget has not increased as expected by the government, which adds to the challenges for the rural economy. Only when these announcements are effectively implemented will there be an increase on the job front, Basol said. Regarding the implementation of the plans, it said the situation could be made worse if it was delayed.

Modi government budget analysis: trying to accelerate development in difficult situations

According to Basol, nothing has been done in the budget to cover the economic losses caused by the corona epidemic over the past one year. At this time, people’s savings are exhausted and they are being forced to live on debt. If the government announces relief for them, the impact of these announcements will be much greater. Now, the income that people earn through new employment is increasingly used to repay debt.


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