By 2022, more than one-third of employees will work from home, with 51 percent of people worldwide working from home by the end of 2021.

The corona epidemic has given birth to a work by the home culture. Companies and employees around the world have benefited from this. According to a report by research firm Gartner, by next year, by 2022, more than one-third of employees will work from home. The report said that in 2021, 51 percent of employees (knowledge workers) work from home or outside the station, and in 2019, the number is just 27 percent. With this, companies take steps to make work from home more efficient.

At least works in India-China

According to the report, about 53 percent of employees in the US will work from home by 2022. At the same time, 52% in Britain, 37% in Germany and 33% in Japan work from home, the lowest in India and China. Only 30 percent of workers in India and 28 percent in China work from home, but these two countries have the largest number of knowledge workers. Knowledge worker is a writer, engineer, IT professional etc.

Demand for hybrid workplace will increase

According to Gartner, companies nowadays work to reduce office space and better manage work from home. For this, a hybrid workplace culture will be adopted. The Human Resources Department of Companies prepares a roadmap for hiring employees according to the needs of the company.

Record sales of PCs and tablets

According to the report, hybrid workplaces have worked to increase demand for PCs and tablets. In 2021, PC and tablet shipments are expected to exceed 500 million units for the first time in history, reflecting demand in the business and consumer markets. With this, companies are turning to the cloud to provide quick assistance to their remote employees. Because of this, the cost of cloud services will increase by 23.1 per cent by the end of 2021.

The unemployment rate rises again

There has been an increase in the number of unemployed in the country. According to a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate rose again to 9.35 percent for the week ended June 20. At the same time, the unemployment rate was 8.7% a week ago. According to the report, in the week ending June 20, urban unemployment rose by double digits to 10.3. Rural unemployment rose to 8.92% from 8.23% recorded on June 13.

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