Calls and messages are coming for KYC verification, so be careful, otherwise your bank account will be empty

With the increasing use of technology, fraud cases are on the rise. Fraudsters are trying to cheat in different ways. Now cheaters are cheating with people in a new way. This new approach is related to KYC verification. To protect people from KYC-related frauds, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Social Cyber ​​Wing Cyber ​​DOST has warned. The Ministry has asked the people of the country to beware of this fraud as you can get your bank account empty if you get caught in this fraud. Let us tell you what steps the government has suggested to avoid this fraud.

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The government’s social cyber division, Cyber ​​Dost, tweeted that it was aware of the fraudulent SMS and called for KYC verification.

In addition, do not share any of your personal information with SMS or call.

>> If you receive any SMS it will say that your bank account will be closed as the KYC is not completed. In this case, first find out about this by contacting the bank’s official number. Do not give any information over the phone or SMS.

KYC is done only by an official KYC point or authorized representative.

>> Never download an Enidisk or TeamViewer app for quick support to your phone or laptop.

With such apps, fraudsters steal your remote access to your PIN, OTP, and other details related to your bank account. After that you can become a victim of financial fraud and thugs can empty your account.

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Keep these safety tips in mind
>> Don’t share the OTP with anyone.
Ignore remote access applications.
Do not give your Aadhaar card copy to a stranger.
Keep your latest contact details up to date with your bank account.
>> Change internet banking password from time to time.
Do not share mobile and confidential data with anyone.
Before clicking any link, think carefully.

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