CBSE 10th, 12th Examination 2021: CBSE provides great solution for students who cannot pass practical test by Corona

If a student is unable to attend the CBSE Practical Examination (CBSE Practical Exam 2021) due to corona, he / she will be given the opportunity again. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notification to all schools on Thursday that students who are unable to take the practical test should get a test before June 11 Reiterating the direction last year, CBSE said that because of Kovid-19, a student who is not able to take a board exam can take the test before June 11. In addition the board has talked about two other divisions.

CBSE examiner Dr Sam Bharadwaj has said that the test will be offered in three categories as before. In this, the first class are students who come from somewhere, and because of this they are unable to take the practical test, they can take the test again. Second Kovid-19, if the student is suffering or there is someone in his family, he cannot take the test, he can take the test and the third, if he cannot take the test, to go to sports, he can also take the test. Detailed guidelines are provided for this. Schools are required to conduct this test before June 11. For more information, the school administration, students or parents can check the CBSE website.

The CBSE has asked the schools, then if the student is pragmatic, his scores should reach the board’s regional office on time, otherwise the student’s result will be released regardless of the scores.