CBSE 10th Result 2021: CBSE Class 10th Result Knows How to Prepare, IMP Notice Issued

CBSE 10th Result 2021: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a major notice on CBSE Class 10 results and internal assessment policy. In this notice, the CBSE listed 10th grade marks and the policy for the internal assessment of schools.

According to the CBSE policy,
1- The student’s assessment will be 20 out of a total of 100 points for each subject. The year-end exam is set at 80 points. This internal assessment of students for their 20 marks is prepared by their schools. Most schools have uploaded internal assessment data to the CBSE portal. The remaining schools are required to upload internal assessment data by 1121 2021.

2- With the cancellation of tests, schools will also need to prepare the remaining 80 points of data. This is based on the various tests / tests that the school conducts in a year. These scores are similar to the school’s previous test.

3- A committee will be formed to prepare the result in each school, which will include the school principals and 7 teachers. This committee finalizes the result. Five teachers are from different subjects of the school (math, social science and science and two languages) and two teachers are from a nearby school.

4- You can get Rs 2500 from the board and Rs 1500 from the school teacher from the outside school. The board arranges the portal for this.

Such tests have 80 points:
Name of the Exam —————————- Maximum Points
1- Periodic Testing / Unit Testing ———- 10 points
2- Semi-Annual / Medieval Exams ———- 30 points
3- Pre-Board Examination ————————- 40 points
Total ====== 80 points

If a school has conducted more than one test or test, a student who has obtained good marks is included in the annual result.

What about schools that don’t get the test?
There are some schools in the CBSE where no student can participate in pre-board exams or online / offline exams, then the school’s committee will find a solution to prepare the result. That is, the committee will decide how many and how many student points should be awarded.