CBSE, UP Board Exam 2021: Student tensions rise as annual exams ring

CBSE, UP Board Exam 2021: As the CBSE and the UP Board beat the annual exams, the tensions between the 10th and 12th grade candidates for both boards have increased. CBSE Board examiners are still under pressure for lack of proper preparation even after the 30 per cent course is down. Student tensions have increased with the release of the model paper for the annual examination of the CBSE board.

Students preparing for board exams this year are in a lot of trouble. There are online and offline classes going on somewhere. Overall, the state of education is staggering. UP board candidates are unable to take advantage of online classrooms or are studying in their schools as per the annual examination.

At the same time, parents of these candidates are upset that their children should not fall behind in preparing for exams. In the eyes of psychologists, both students and their parents are struggling with a mentality like ‘floating distress’.

There is also a reason for this situation. CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi said on Friday that the board’s exams will be conducted on time. A few days ago, the board also released a sample paper indicating students to be ready. The UP Board has issued instructions to complete the practicalities of 10 and 12. CBSE and ICSE schools have semi-annual exams. Child preparation ability is assessed by a half-yearly test. At the same time, a time-table is being prepared in UP board schools.

Under the auspices of a psychologist
Stressed children and their parents are being consulted by a psychologist because of the stress of testing. Many children and their parents bring up their problems, said psychologist Banani Ghosh of the Divisional Psychology Center. Of those, some children did not have access to online education. He told them how they could adapt to the missing studies.

Children are very careless
Teachers believe that closing schools has made children indifferent. Not all children are committed to studying online. He did not take online studies seriously. This fact has been confirmed by the results of some schools’ semi-annual exams. Such students are now upset. Their tension increases.

Schools are closed due to corona

A new session of schools opened in April but the schools were closed for a long time. Last month, 9th to 12th grade schools opened with some conditions. But for various reasons, the attendance of children is less than 50 per cent. The situation is unclear whether the schools will be fully opened or not.

Crisis -2
The digital divide effect

Government and private schools claim that online education does not affect children. Although the realities are different. Various surveys suggest that online education does not reach every child. There is a networking problem. Many parents do not have the resources.

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What do the experts say?
Children who are serious about studying are studying offline or online. Shutting down the school is a problem for the average child. When such children are disturbed in school, they too begin to pay attention. So there is a great deal of concern. – Do. Pratibha Yadav, Principal, Arya Mahila Inter College (photo)

The current situation is affecting the preparation of the board exam. The presence of students in offline classes is very low. I believe children’s doubts and problems cannot be solved in online studies. – Manraj, Spokesman, Physics, Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčInter College (photo)

Student feedback

Offline and online classes are entangled. Preparation from
Impacting offline studies should be streamlined, so that’s good
Would have been.-Anokhi Jaiswal-Class10

I understand more in the offline class. Network issues and outage of videos are affecting studies. -Anshika Singh Patel-Class10

In terms of board exams, I feel much better offline. The offline class must be validated. – Shreya Singh – 10th Class

Pragya Thakur, ‘My daughter is studying in class 10 at CBSE school. The online class was doing well until the school opened. It was cut shortly after the school opened. I don’t want to send my daughter to school now. So his preparation is in effect. My stress is also increasing.