CCSU: Testing in the name of late fees limits the university

CCSU Examination 2021: At the University of Chou Charan Singh, the university system of compensation for students who do not fill the exam form within the stipulated time has begun to get worse.

Students are being charged late in the name of filling out the form, but these rupees are not credited to the university account. In the first two weeks of April, there was a big game in the name of late fees. Examination forms are being opened by taking money directly from students. Students have demanded an investigation of the entire case.

According to the students, since the exams are not up to 15 men, the university should extend the date of filling out the test form in courses that do not start the paper. It does not harm both the student and the university. There are a growing number of cases where late fees are directly pocketed on university campuses. The students were informed by telephone to Hindustan.

It is alleged that the university is talking about filling out a test form by delaying the fee, but some are keeping the fee directly in the pocket. The slip must be obtained according to the rules if the late fee is valid.