Change the registered mobile number from a bank account in a few minutes, these are the three easiest ways

If you have an account with any bank and you want to change your registered mobile number, you can complete this task in just a few minutes. Banks are now offering their customers the ability to change numbers without having to visit the branch. Yes, you need your debit card and already registered mobile number to change the mobile number. Tell us how you can change your mobile number online or through ATMs.

Method 1: Change the mobile number from home to online

If you have taken a Net Banking facility, you can change the mobile number of your bank account with the help of your mobile, laptop or home computer. Here we take the example of the State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank. First you need to login to the bank’s Net Banking website When you login, you should click the profile here.

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Then click on Personal Details. Here you must enter your State Bank of India Profile Password. When it is submitted, you will see your email id and old number with the option to change the mobile number. Following this instruction, you will need to change your mobile number.

Second way: You can change your mobile number by going to the bank

If you don’t use Internet banking you can go to a bank to change your mobile number. You must fill in the mobile number change form by visiting your bank branch. In addition, you will need to provide photocopy of your passbook and Aadhaar card. After this the bank will change your mobile.

Method 3: Change from this type of ATM

You can also change your mobile number from your ATM if you wish. But for this, you also need to have the old number already registered with the bank. If the old number is not active, you will not be able to change your number through it. To change the number through an ATM, you first need to enter your PIN. This is followed by the mobile number change option. This is followed by OTP in your registered number that you must enter in the ATM. After this you will be asked for a new number and confirmed. This way your mobile number will be replaced by an ATM.

It is necessary to link the current number with the account

Nowadays there are many banking scams using fake mobile numbers. If you act loose, cyber thugs are more likely to empty your entire account. In such a case, the mobile number you provided at the time of account opening and if it is now closed, you should immediately register your running mobile number with the bank. With this, you will immediately know that any money is coming or going in your account. You will be protected from fraud.

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