Chat Worship: With the rising of the rising sun

The four-day hat-mahaparva of folk belief was concluded on Saturday with an offering of Argha to the rising sun. The city-to-village crashes with the Hatat festival. Hathat Vratis paid tribute to the unstable sun on Friday evening. At the same time, on Saturday morning, he offered the Arghya to the rising sun.

At this time, there is a group of family members in the Hat Pat Ghats of the capital, Patna, apart from fasting. There was a lot of excitement among the children at this time. Small children were playing fireworks at the Chat Ghat. At the same time, the women were singing the hatat song. It ranks in absolute sixth place. Meanwhile, the Vratiyas performed pooja by offering a sacrifice to the rising sun. Prasada was then distributed. Here, police forces were stationed at Hathath for law and order.

Many haters were reaching the punishing ghat
Some were praying and reaching the Hath Ghats, with the promise of fulfillment. Following him, the family followed Hat’s chow. “I have vowed to come to the ghat by punishing the safety of the children,” Sarita Devi of Sikandarpur said. The Sixth Maya fulfilled my promise, so for the last five years I have been coming to the ghat with a punishment.