Check whether the subsidy is available or not on the LPG

Amid rising prices of LPG cylinders, the big question is whether consumers will get subsidies in March. How Much Do You Get? Let us tell you how you can find out whether or not the subsidy is on your account. If the subsidy came, how much did it come to? It only takes a few minutes. There are two ways to check the subsidy. The first is through a mobile number registered with Indane, Bharat Gas or HP and the second is by an LPG ID, this ID is written in your Gas Passbook.

The big news for LPG customers is that now you will be able to choose your own dealers

Consumers cannot find subsidy in Delhi

After the corona epidemic came under control, the prices of LPG in the international market were rising amid rising demand. The prices of subsidized and non-subsidized cylinders have been increased. The price of LPG is the same across the country. The government offers this subsidy to a select few consumers. Delhi consumers do not get any subsidy on LPG. A petroleum company official said LPG cylinders would be subsidized for customers in remote areas. This subsidy is provided for meeting the freight charges.

This is the domestic cylinder rate

There was no change in the domestic price of 14 kg domestic cylinder in May. In April, the price of LPG cylinder was Rs. Today, the price of LPG cylinder in Delhi is Rs 809. The price of LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 694 in January this year and in February it was increased to Rs 719 per cylinder. On February 15, the price was increased to 769 rupees. On February 25, the LPG cylinder price was reduced to Rs 794. In March, the price of LPG cylinder was reduced to Rs 819.

How to Check Indane LPG Subsidy

  • First go to the official website of IOC or Click this link
  • Click on the photo of the LPG cylinder, the Complaint Box opens here.
  • Click on the ‘Subsidy Related’ option. Click on ‘Receive Subsidy’ below
    Subsidy Pahal
  • A new dialog box opens where there are 2 options, a registered mobile number and an LPG ID
  • Select your gas connection to the mobile, otherwise enter the 17-digit LPG ID
  • Check and submit after entering the LPG ID
    How to check LPG subsidy
  • Fill in as many details as the booking date and then you will see the subsidy information
  • If you wish, you can find information from the customer care number 1800-233-3555
    Subsidy status

If you reserve a cylinder from HP or BPCL there is a regular website for this

Check through the regular website

  • You go to
  • Enter your 17-digit LPG ID
  • Enter the registered mobile number, fill in the captcha code and continue
  • OTP comes with your mobile number
  • Create a password by entering your e-mail id on the next page
  • The activation link will appear in the e-mail, click it
  • Your account will be activated as soon as you click the link, after that you will go to and log in.
  • If your Aadhaar card is connected to an LPG account, click on it
  • This is followed by the view cylinder booking history / subsidy transfer option.
  • From here you will know whether the subsidy has been transferred to your bank account or not. Subsidy on domestic gas is available only to the annual income of not exceeding Rs 10 lakhs. If the husband and wife earn Rs 10 lakh, they will not get LPG subsidy.

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