Chembarathi 18th October 2020 Spoiler Alert | Chembarathi 18 September 2020 Written Update

Spoiler Title: What is Akhila’s answer to Ganga?

Spoiler Update: 18 October 2020: (18/10/2020)

Read the full spoiler updates: Chembarathi 18 September 2020 Spoiler alert begins We see Ganga (Haritha Nair) getting mad at Akhila’s comments about cooking. Ganga asks Akhila how she feels about cooking because she is constantly watching her reprints on her efforts. Ganga additionally inquires about whether she realizes how to try and have a basic tea. What is Akhila’s response to the Ganga?

In the spoiler view of Chembarati, we notice Akhila going into the kitchen and start getting vegetables ready for cooking. Ganga survives as Akhila tastes and plans food without effort. What happens straight away?