Chembarathi 18th October 2020 Written Update

Chembarathi 18 October 2020 Episode Malayalam Episode Written Update Series. Chembarati 18 October 2020 (18/10/2020) Read Written Updates with

Summary Main story: Will Vilasini be able to stop Nandana?

Newspaper Live Days: Monday through Saturday

Current Startup Update: 15 October 2020: (15/10/2020)

Read the full written updates of the issue: Chembarathi 15 October 2020 Written Update begins with Ganga (Haritha Nair) and Vilasini has accepted the demand to try to crush Nandana in a cooking competition. Ganga has been nervous about winning the Nandana opposition by dividing her as Kalyani supports her. With the help of Kalyani, Nandana starts to set some dishes, she calls from outside the house and is educated.

As Nandana continued with her cooking, Jayanti entered the kitchen to check what she was getting ready for. Jayanti looks at Nandana wearing a Bluetooth headphone and decides that someone is helping her.

Jayanti comes to a clear conclusion with Vilasini, who sees Kalyani being telephoned. Angered by Nandana’s turn, Vilasini sends Jayanti to upset Kalyani, so she has no choice but to train Nandana. Will Jayanti dominate his system?

Jayanti’s system of upsetting the welfare of the welfare begins to flatten as the last proceedings ignore her. Jayanti tries again by getting some information about her saree, but, as opposed to responding to her, she chooses to train Nandana on her phone.

Jayanti explodes and goes to meet Vilasini, to reveal that her system is fickle. Later, Nandana finishes her arrangement and greets Ganguly to start cooking in the kitchen. Who will win this session?