Chinese app asks users more than twice as much information as others

There have been long-standing questions about the privacy and privacy of the Chinese app. Reports ranging from cyber security to independent thinktacks suggest that more than two-thirds of Chinese apps demand twice as much information from users than others. 

No need for camera and fine location Experts say that Chinese app Helo, UC Browser in addition to Shareit, asks for access to the camera and microphone, while they do not need it. Chinese apps ask for a location less than one meter instead of one square kilometer location. There is also an application to share data from third parties on these apps. 

Apps related to entertainment, news and shopping demand 45% less information than the world’s top 50 app Chinese app. According to a report by Ereka Consulting, these apps ask users for unnecessary access to contacts, cameras, microphones, galleries, sensors, fine locations and text messages. These include Halo, Shareight, Ticketock, UC Browser, Vigo Video, BeautyPlus, ClubFactory, NewsDog, UC News and Vimate. 

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Questions on the relationship of companies to the army-government A question has been raised in a report by the Arbavar Research Foundation on the relationship between the Chinese app’s parent companies and the army-government. According to the report, Chinese apps send data to their parent companies like China Telecom, Tencent, Alibaba, Meitu. Tiktok and UC Browser are related to Chinese e-commerce Alibaba.

The voice was raised three years ago, in December 2017, the Ministry of Defense prepared a report, in which 40 Chinese apps were described as dangerous in terms of users’ data. The issue was raised during the tension in Doklam. 

There is no separate law on data security in India, which does not imposeany compulsion on the companies. Cyber ​​security expert Pawan Duggal said that the long-pending data security bill is now pending with the Parliamentary Standing Committee, as late as it came in the monsoon session itself, by passing it on apps or internet companies that play with national security The screws must be tightened. We have to make emergency preparations in view of the possibility of cyber warfare in the world.

Increasing threat and earnings of Chinese apps in India The threat and earnings of Chinese Internet companies or apps related to entertainment, online shopping or financial transactions in India have been increasing continuously. Google Play Store’s top 100 popular apps in India also have about half the China app. 

In 2017, there were 18 Chinese apps in the top 100 on Google Playstore, 
44 apps became in the top 100 of Playstore in 2018-19 

TikTok – $ 110 billion company

TikTok earns $ 17 billion in four years, in 2019, three billion users  gain more than 20 crore Indian users, 400 crore profit from India,  4 crore users, Tik Tok’s second app. 61 Crores download in India, close to two billion in the world 

UC Web-popular mobile browser

UC News has 80 million Indian users, 13% stake in India,  Alibaba invests more than $ 100 million in these companies