Choti Sardarni 22 November 2020 Written Update Sarabjit says Karan’s father is Manav Sharma

Choti Sardarni 22 November 2020 Written Update Sarabjit says Karan’s father is Manav Sharma

Sarabjit Smart Plan Sarabjeet Karan wants to know what difference Vikram makes in life. Manav says that he will give Karan his father’s name because his son is his blood. He wants Karan to know by his name. Sarabjit asks Vikram to take over Karan’s custody. Harleen wants to know what Vikram wants from him. She questions Sarabjit. Sarabjeet tells Harleen that she will get Aditi’s pleasure. He doesn’t want them to worry. Robbie wants to find out the secret. Sarabjit gives Vikram legal papers. He asks her to sign Vikram and take Karan forever.

Manav cannot believe that Sarabjit has agreed to hand over Karan’s surrender to him. Mehr interrupts Sarabjit. She didn’t know his decision beforehand. Sarabjeet would not let her speak. He wants Vikram to sign the papers. Manav is delighted to see custody records. He is overwhelmed by emotions. He thanks Sarabjeet for understanding her. They fill in the details in the papers. Sarabjit tries to clear up what he really meant. He asks Manav to write the name of the baby’s father. Manav says he is writing Vikram Diwan.

Sarabjit says Karan’s father is Manav Sharma. Manav agrees with them and writes Manav Sharma as the father of the child. Sarabjit asks Vikram where Manav Sharma is now. They say that everything is not just about the name. Manav says he is Manav Sharma. Sarabjit says his name is Vikram Diwan in every record. He asks Vikram what he will tell the court when he is taken into custody. Manav says the name doesn’t matter, Karan is his son.

Sarabjit tells him that Karan’s father’s name doesn’t matter because Karan’s father’s name doesn’t matter. He asks Manav to stay with Karan. Manav says Karan is with him. Sarabjit says he will lose in custody case. He asks Manav not to pull Karan in the court case and not get away with the issues. The mother says that the name means nothing to the child, the mother means a lot to the child.

He explains that he will never stop meeting Karan, he can have his rights over Karan. He wants to honor Manav in the family. Manav gets Seema’s call. Seema wants to know about Aditi. He tells her that Aditi is right. Seema tells him that he had a nightmare about her. He asks her not to worry about Aditi. Meher asks Vikram to take responsibility for Aditi for Seema’s sake. She says that if Aditi does not go home with him he should answer Seema.

On the other hand, Kulwant stops the boy to get a gold chain from him. She learns that he is Amrita’s brother. She scolded him for cheating on his sister. She takes the chain from him. Mehr and Sarabjeet sort out the problem of Aditi. Manav turns his attention to Aditi. He tells Aditi about his past. He tells Aditi that there is no girl in his life other than Aditi. He apologizes to her. He decides to keep their marriage. He wants to take her home.

Aditi he doesn’t want to cry. She loves him. She wants him to never threaten her about leaving her. Harleen doesn’t want Aditi to go. She wants to know about Vikram’s past. Sarabjit says it doesn’t matter now. He does not want Harleen questioning it further. She also asks Mehr. Mehr feels guilty. Sarabjeet tells them that this is just a misconception.