Choti Sardarni 23 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher tells Sarab

Choti Sardarni 23 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher tells Sarab

Manav says I will separate your name from him. Sarab says ok we will do whatever you want. Sarab picks up the file. What does Harleen say she’s doing? What is this file? Don’t worry I’ll save Goody’s life, says Sarab. Surv gives the file to Manav Says there is a custody paper. Sign or sign. Cried Manav. They say thank you very much. I can never return this favor. Sarab says sign it. Manav signed the papers. Sarab says you should write the name of the father. Manav says I am writing Vikram. Sarab says but Karan’s father is Manav. Manav Manav Sharma writes. Sarab says where is Manav? They say I am Manav. Sarab says all your legal papers say you are Vikram. How do you say in court that you are Manav? What difference does it make? He is my blood, Diwan or Sharma. Sarab says exactly that. Doesn’t matter if he lives with us or has a gill in his name. Manav says it will never happen. Sarab says let’s make everything smooth. May he be with his father. You can always visit him.

Call Seema Manav is Aditi okay? I had a dream that she wasn’t okay. Manav says she is fine. Relax. Mehr says you have to be with Aditi for Seema. How do you answer her?

Scene 2 Kulwant comes back to Amrita’s brother. She darkens his face and says what happens when people take their sister’s money.

Manav holds Aditi’s hand and tells you that you are the only girl in my life. Let’s go home, mother worried. Aditi says never talk about leaving me. Harleen says I won’t let you go until you tell me about that girl. Sarab says it was the past. Harleen asks Meher and Sarab who that chunri girl is. What are you talking about Tell Mehr what happened inside. Sarab says they will handle it. She tells Aditi Sarab that although she is behind, I want to know about the girl. I know you will help me.

Scene 3
Jito says Amrita Munni ji is calling your name angrily. Amrita mummy ji say what are you wearing? They say that sometimes you have to look like them to catch thieves. What does Amrita say? Kulwant says your chain has been torn down? I do magic and bring it back. She shows it. Rana says you caught a thief? Kulwant says he asked who stole his chain. Tell me. Amrita cries. Amrita says please forgive me. Daddy G is no more, my brother’s business is over. I was trying to help him. Kuhant says Meher’s father is dead. Has she stolen from anyone? I manage everything for my kids. Kulwant Have you stolen anything else? She pulls her into his room. Comes with Amrita.

Meher comes into the room. Robbie picked up the phone from which he recorded his conversation. They say I went to pick up something. Pura Paper Pick Up Bua What is this written care for us? Harleen takes the papers.

Pricap-Meher tells Sarab. I want Karan to be like you and Param. Manav tells Seema everything and says I pray for my son to get back. She blesses him.