Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Leaving in Kashmir and Ranna doing what they do with or against Mehr?

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Leaving in Kashmir and Ranna doing what they do with or against Mehr?

Popular exhibition of colors Choti Sardarni is gearing up to witness the twists and turns. Mehr was accused of the death of his brother Jagga. Jagga’s crime ceremony took place. Both Gill and Dhillon’s family were broken by Jagga’s loss. The hated Kulwant and UV Dhillon became enemies of the Gill family.

Current track watchers have watched the court announce Meher’s life sentence. Sarabjit broke up and asked Mehr to tell the children that Mehr Mummah had died. Kulwant began training Yuvi to avenge the murder of Jagga by Melhar and Giles. Kulwant visited the Gill Mansion with Mehr’s ashes and threatened to avenge Harleen and finish the Mehr and Gill family. Mehar and Sarabjit were also separated on a heart-wrenching note.

Upcoming track viewers will see the life of Dhillons and Giles after 5 years. In continuing the training of Kulwant UV to take revenge on the Meher and Gill family, Amrita looks dead on the show, the reasons have not yet been revealed. Sarabjit, Harleen and younger Karan will be returning to Punjab, India after 5 years.

Mehr is cleared of court and lives in Kashmir with a new name, Sirat and his daughter Sehar. She works as a caterer / chef in a restaurant.

Sehr appears as a little mischievous and cute girl who misses her father and has a habit like Sarabjit. The children and people around her are seen teasing and asking about Sehr’s father. She fidgets with all the tease and questions. In anger, Sehr throws and throws things at people who tease her.

Mehr scolds Sehr for his behavior. Sehr approaches his Kaul uncle (played by Abhishek Rawat) for help. She asks him to help get rid of Meher’s bye. Where Sehr wants God back to meet her father, and Mehr tells her that her father lives far behind the mountains in a large white castle. Kaul looks up to Mehr and thinks to propose to her soon. He asks Meher why Sehr and Sarabjit are not telling each other about their claim. Mehr recalls past memories and tells Kaul that he has left everything to God, that God will unite him / herself.

According to sources, Sehr and Karan will lead the reunion of Mehr and Sarabjit. We have put on a handful of pictures and videos from the upcoming track, where Meher meets Sarabjit and Karan in Kashmir but elsewhere. If sources are to be believed, Mehr fails to recognize Karan. She recognizes Sarabjit but avoids him or tries to hide from him. Sources said that the Kashmir track will soon end and the cast of Choti Sardarni will return to Mumbai and continue shooting there. See below:

What happens when Sarabjit learns about his daughter Sehr and Mehr living in Kashmir? Leaving in Kashmir and Ranna doing what they do with or against Mehr?

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