Choti Sarrdarrni 17th October 2020 Written Update: Param is excited to see Sarab and Meher.

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The serial begins with Mehar and Sarab reaching the Gill Bhavan and embracing Mehar Param aloud. She kisses him and admires him. Sarab goes and takes Karan from Harleen. Then they both exchange children. They embrace the family. Harleen tells Meher that the family is incomplete without her. Mehr says I love them too.

Here Manav hugs his mother and says ‘I love you amma’. Her mother says I Love You Too Beta. His mother suggests taking care and giving love to Aditi. Manav changes the subject. Your mother says I don’t know what’s the problem between you but please don’t let Aditi bother you. Then she tells him how busy Sarab is but he keeps Mehr as his queen. Manav smokes and goes to the washroom. Aditi comes but he ignores her. Aditi is sad. Her mother-in-law Vikram is not communicative but he loves you and gives her the box she saw in Manav’s suitcase. Aditi takes it.

Param is asking all the staff whether they have done their jobs. They make a check list. They tell staff to work faster because guests are coming. Harleen looks at it from a distance and see how well Param is arranging it.

Here, Kulwant asks everyone to be ready. Multiples say they are. Kulwant has to go only today and it looks like you guys are getting ready by tomorrow. He says his dress is ironing. Kulwant says but who is doing the ironing. She shows her husband Rana and left ironing. Kulwant says horrified but why saree. Bahus says we always wear a salwar suit because at this time we thought of wearing something else, Kulwant touches sari and says silk saree wow. Bauhaus says yes.

In Gill Bhavan, Meher Param is dressed in his turban. Karan starts to cry. You are saying Karan as Param says, say it again. Karan is still crying, says Param Meher Mumma asking to get ready too. Mehr says yes is going. Param says Meher is going to go but where is my perfume. Mehr sprinkles some perfume, tying his shoe laces. Mehr then goes to Karan. Sarab is looking at all this, Meher ji is surprised to see her today and adore her. Mehr comes to Param to clean his inner coat. Sarab is standing in the DDLJ posture but avoiding observation as he is busy preparing Mehr Kida. Sarab looks sad. Mehar goes out to get something, sees Mehr on her way, Sarab thinks she has noticed him but is sad when Mehr dies.

Here, Aditi wears a red outfit and a red crown. Manav ines her as meher. He admires her and Aditi is happy. But as soon as Manav knows it is Aditi, he pretends to be someone and goes.

Here, the kids go out. Meher and Sarab are alone in the room. Sarab speaks with her in the mirror and Meher laughs at it. Sarab asks her if he is not beautiful. Meher says so. Sarab says 100 girls in line are behind me. Meher says you came to the girl line. Sarab says you will always make fun of me. They laugh. See you, Sarab says you are not even ready and I look very good. Mehr says I will take a look. Sarab says we will. He goes but hits his leg against the sofa and Meher laughs.

Sarab and Param are twinning in the same cloth and Sarab says that Param wants to see if Meher is ready or not. He is sending it again and again. Finally Sarab sees Mehr ready. Sarab adores her and kisses her on the forehead and says that I am lucky to have a wife like you. Meher says I am more fortunate to have a husband like you.

The episode ends.