Choti Sarrdarrni 18th October 2020 Written Update: Will Manav agrees to Meher?

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Meher and Sarab wear pink gold dresses and everyone claps for them. Manav is shocked to see a red crown on Mehr’s head. Everyone requests them wedding anniversary greetings. Harleen says the anniversary is not a greeting like this, get a Sarab on one knee. Sarab goes down on one knee and proceeds to kiss Meher. Manav is jealous and upset. Harleen then observes the same crown on Meher and Aditi’s head.

Harleen says that it is one and only crown that you mentioned but Aditi also wears the same crown. Sarab says every shopkeeper says it’s special to increase their sales. They all laugh. The flashback is shown when Sarab finds the green crown and again orders the red crown. Sarab says I am happy that the two leading women of my life are crowned as queens.

Sarab then goes to talk to Aditi alone and asks what is the problem between her and Vikram. Aditi doesn’t know me but I feel like she doesn’t know Vikram, Vikram doesn’t even come close to me. Go to Meher Manav and explain how they were past each other and Aditi and Sarab are their present. Meher says that Aditi, Sarab, Param or Karan are wrong in this regard. Vikram says but we have to think about love not from the heart and the brain.

Please understand, Mehr says that you are smart enough. Meher goes on. The couple is taking photos and then Param takes Mehr and Aditi to show them something. Sarab takes Manav to drink with him and talk about something. “You don’t understand what it’s like to get the person we lost so many years,” Sarab says. Manav says you are telling me my story. Sarab says I don’t understand.

Mehr is making milk for Karan and Aditi says how Vikram does not like children but he loves Karan and Karan is always happy when he goes to Vikram, God knows what is the relationship between them. Param says let him down and then he can play with Vikram too. No meher, Karan has less immunity so it’s better if he is here. Aditi yes you said Karan here. Mehr then asks Aditi about Vikram and her relationships. Aditi shares how Vikram has begun to avoid her and behaves strangely as if he had not been found by me.

Sarab tells Vikram how Aditi got back in his life after ages and he wants to give her all the happiness. Aditi apologizes if something is wrong. Sarab claps his hands together and pleads before Manav. Sarab says but I will not leave you if the error is from your end, Aditi is everything to our family.

Manav sees that. Manav says you are threatening me? Sarab is not so far and I think it is not necessary. Kulwant arrives and wishes everyone well. Then she meets Sarab and Meher is lucky to have a husband like Sarab and that’s why she got a son-in-law like Sarab. Kulavant is surprised that Sarab received no response from him. Sarab recalls that Mehar had said that Rana, Left and Kulwant were the culprits behind the Manav murder.

The episode ends.

Prekap – Sarab says our love is always short when we get older. Sarab and Meher dress and dance as their aged forms. Meher Falls and Sarab Catch. Mehr says I fell asleep. Sarab says I will always catch you and never let you fall. Manav sees a bottle of liquor and drinks it.