CM Nitish holds important meeting with top officials on ‘law and order’, create fear of the law among criminals

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has vaguely asked the SP of all the districts, including the top officials of the police state police headquarters, to keep the crime under control and maintain law and order. He was reviewing Saturday on crime control and law and order in the state. The Chief Minister directed that criminals should fear the law. Increase night patrol in all police station areas. Priority officers are also on patrol. Advised that no negligence would be tolerated at any stage.

After the formation of the new government, the chief ministers held their first review meeting on law and order on Saturday. At the inspection meeting in Ann Marg, he gave several instructions to top police officers. You all have to act quickly. Strict action should be taken against recognized officers and staff who have committed atrocities and mischief. He said every station should make sure to have a wrapping fund system for stationery and other materials. Create a system where money is always available in a police account. Proper arrangements should be made for women’s toilets and bathrooms at each police station. Proper arrangement of rooms for visitors at all police stations. Landline phone system should be maintained regularly at all police stations. Strengthen the special branch. So the right information is quickly received. The intelligence force facilitates crime control.

He said CCTV adoption and call center / helpline should be set up in all major cities. Regional parapsychology laboratory should be implemented smoothly in all areas. It said all necessary steps should be taken to control cyber crime.

In-depth inspection of police stations with increased crime
Additional Inspector General of Police (CID) Vinay Kumar gave a presentation on the law and order review. In the presentation, detailed information on Thanavar, District, Range-Offense, Burglary, Murder, Misconduct, Chariot, Vehicle Theft, Crime against SCST and other aspects Action is being taken against police officers with high sub-divisions with increased crime and greater scam. District comparative income of crime cases is presented in the presentation. In-depth inspections and measures were taken to inform police stations of increasing crime.

The Chief Minister’s main instructions are:
1. Immediate action in negligence at any stage
2. Create fear of the law among criminals
3. Increase night patrols in all police station areas
3. Strengthen the intelligence so that you can find accurate information faster.
5. Ensure CCTV and call center / helpline system in major cities