Complete this work by July 31st, otherwise the Trading-Demat account will be deactivated

For investors who have Demat or Trading Accounts, there is one important piece of news. In fact, depositors for such account holders are advised to complete KYC by July 31. Accounts become inactive if no investor does this job.

The circular came in April: In fact, in April, the Central Depository Services (CDSL) and National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) issued a circular. In this, KYC has been told to update the details before July 31. Investors must provide the name, address, mobile number, PAN number, email id and income range in KYC details.

Investor trends in the stock market have increased: Let us tell you that during the corona period, investors’ tendency towards the stock market has increased. This is corroborated by recent data from the major stock exchange NSE. According to the NSE, more than 50 lakh new investors have been registered on its platform in the four months to the current financial year.

2.5 times a year growth: In the period, the registration number of new investors has increased 2.5 times on an annual basis, the NSE said in a statement. In April-July 2019, 8.5 lakh new investors were registered. In April-July 2020, this figure increased to 20 lakhs and to 51.3 lakhs till July 25th in the current financial year.

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4.5 crore investors: The NSE said 36 per cent of these investors were from the northern states, 30 per cent from the western states, 22 per cent from the southern states and the remaining 12 per cent from the eastern states. Let us tell you that 53 percent of the new registrations are outside the top five states. The total number of registered investors in the NSE crossed 4.5 crores.

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