Cord Syrup is no less than a summer boon, know what Chef Kunal Kapoor’s recipe is

Bel Ka Ka Sharbat’s chef Kunal Kapoor’s recipe to beat the summer heat: Bell syrup is considered a boon to health in the summer. Vitamin A in this eye cares for iron and zinc hair health. Consuming this syrup can cure constipation. The specialty is that you can easily make this syrup filled with the qualities in your home. Famous chef Kunal Kapoor, while sharing a recipe for bell syrup on his Instagram, told his fans how they can benefit from making this syrup at home.

Ingredients for making vine syrup-
-1 vine fruit
-1 liters of water
– Mintful mint leaves
-5-10 Ice Cubes
Paste the salt
-Chinese taste

Vine syrup
To make the vine syrup, first break the fruit of the vine with the help of a rolling pin and separate the thick peel from its outer core. Now extract the seeds from the pulp. Keep in mind that sometimes there is plenty of gel around the fruit of the vine, which can be bitter in taste. If it is not removed, the bitterness in the syrup also begins. After this, take the fruit of the vine in a large bowl, add 1 cup of water and mix well.

By doing this, you will be able to mix the pulp well and the seeds in it will also be separated. Now sieve this mixture into a large sieve. Add a little more water to the sieve to remove the juice as much as possible. Now you can add sugar to your taste if you wish. Now in the glass, add a piece of ice and mint leaves and a pinch of salt. Now add vine syrup to it and serve.