Corona Cases in Uttara Kannada Dist: 24 New Cases today

Corona Cases in Uttara Kannada Dist: 24 New Cases today
Corona Cases in Uttara Kannada Dist: 24 New Cases today

Karwar: The number of COVID 19 cases in the district is rising day by day, with 24 people confirmed to be infected in a single day on Monday. Of these, seven have been confirmed in Yellapur, 6 each in Mundagoda and 6 in Honnavar, two in Karwar, one each in Bhatkal, Shirazi, and Kumata.

Five of the six members of the Mundagoda are in the Tijetan camp at Gajang and the TCV corporate Quarantine Center. Tahsildar Sridhar Mundalamani said he had come in contact with a person who was already infected (P10178). B

Origin Detection Task: Five included 37-year-old male, 83-year-old female, 51-year-old male, and 26-year-old. The sixth infected 20-year-old is in the process of being identified by health department officials. He was working in a shop.

Infection for operators: Six people who came in contact with the bus operators (P10649) of the State Road Transport Corporation of Yallapur, COVID confirmed, have confirmed the infection. They include two 26-year-olds and two 28-year-olds, 45, 42, 33-year-old men, and a 45-year-old woman.

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Mundagoda Report: Covid has confirmed 11 people so far in Tibetan camp in Taluk, one is recovering.

The first Covid case was confirmed on 16 June at a Tibetan camp. The following 13 days were confirmed in 10 people. This has caused anxiety in the camp.

COVID is assured of 30-year-old and 65-year-old women from Maharashtra, 39-year-olds, 31-year-olds, 29-year-olds, 41-year-old women from Shirazi and a 30-year-old man from Kumana. A 50-year-old male from Bhatkal had returned from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. A 33-year-old male from Yellapur had returned from Goa. COVID also confirmed them.

On the other hand, the youth aged 23 and 25 years in Karwar and 33-year-olds in Yallapur are sure to have come into contact with the infected in Goa.

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