Corona Medicine: Japanese medicine will protect Chinese from the coronavirus

Covid-19 News: Delhi government makes new orders on home isolation and institutional isolation
Covid-19 News: Delhi government makes new orders on home isolation and institutional isolation

Favipiravir After Coronavirus, nowadays this name is discussed everywhere. This drug is said to be effective in the treatment of coronavirus. We will share with you much interesting information related to this panacea medicine. The medicine that protects you from the Chinese coronavirus is Japanese.

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Favipiravir was discovered in Japan in the 1990s. It was introduced as an antiviral drug. It was developed by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Limited. This drug was given in many types of flu. The world did not know the name of this medicine until 2020. This drug came into the limelight when in Russia it was started to be given to people infected with the coronavirus.

Favipiravir acted like magic on patients with mild symptoms. A slight change was also made in this medicine. It was found that patients with mild symptoms are recovering in four to five days. After the discussion of this drug started, its trial started in India. The drug was considered effective and has started selling in India.

New identity from Russia

Before 2020, Favipiravir was not known to anyone outside of Japan. This drug given in the common flu has been given a new identity by Russia. In March, it started being given to Corona patients in Russia. A slight change was also made in this medicine for the corona patients. This drug was found to be effective in patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus. Within four to five days, reports of patients started coming negative. Eighty percent of patients with mild symptoms recovered from Favipiravir.

The trial in India was going on since May

After the miraculous results of this drug in Russia, permission was sought to be tried in India. The Drug Controller General of India approved the trial of Favipiravir in the second week of May. After this, after getting the green signal from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) headed by the Prime Minister, the drug clinic started the trial. The results were as expected. Favipiravir is a very old medicine, so its patent has also expired. This paved the way for making it available in India at an affordable price.

The drug will be found in India under the name Fabiflu

The drug Favipiravir is being made available in India under the name Febi flu. This drug is manufactured by Glenmark Company of Mumbai (Mumbai), which has got regulatory approval. This medicine will be found in 34 tablets leaves. The entire leaf costs Rs 3502. If one pill is talked about then it will cost Rs 103. This drug is now available in the Indian market. It will be given to the sick as soon as the doctor says. The drug will not be available without prescription.

How the Febiflu dose is given?

Favipiravir can be taken only on the advice of a doctor. Two doses of 1800 mg are given on the first day of treatment. Two doses of 800 mg are given up to 14 days after treatment starts. Even if the patient is cured, he has to complete the 14-day course. It is not advisable to discontinue the drug even if the report is negative.

People suffering from other diseases can also take

Feb flu can also be given to people suffering from diabetes or heart disease. No side effects of Favipiravir have been seen in people suffering from other diseases. It can be given on the advice of a doctor. This medicine corrects lung infections.

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