Coronavirus: Increasing Coronavirus Infection and Death: Annoyed, but Warning – Let Coronavirus Cases Increase In Karnataka

A. Krishna Bhatt Bangalore
Bangalore: There were no serious problems, except for the coronation and corruption of the early stage. Most were comfortably treated and out. But now, the number of infected heart, lung, and heart problems is increasing.

Moreover, despite being hospitalized for ten days after being infected, the second report came back with a negative report. Those who are treated with home isolation are also at risk of hospitalization in the mid to late onset of the disease.

Despite the widespread and alarming spread of corona, many seem to be ignoring it. All of them are at risk of becoming infected with themselves and spreading to hundreds of others. Dr. Jayadeva, a cardiologist, says that the disease can continue for several months and can only be protected with proper warning and compulsory care. C.N. Manjunath.
Corona crosses 10,000 again Sahasra in Mysore, 4000+ Case in Bangalore

Corona rise rate

More than one hundred deaths a day in the state
Active to day infection death
3,79,486 6,170 99,101 for Sec
6,40,661 9,286 1,15,574 for A4
Average 8,705 103 –

3600 cases a day in Bangalore
Sec. 4 for 1,41,644 2,091 41,646
A. 4 for 2,50,040 3067 54,929
Average 3,613 32.5 –

A serious health problem
As the rate of infection increases, so does the number of patients who develop the symptom. There are more and more people with blood oxygen deficiency, pneumonia, lung problems, heart attacks, blood clots that can cause brain trauma and vomiting. Too much back and hip pain, too much tiredness is unbearable.
Kovid Attacks: Number of infected persons crossing 65 lakh

Be cured, though

Those who are healed should not neglect that they are safe. Dr Mukherjee says severe caution should be exercised for the next six months. C. N. Manjunath. The focus should be on lung and blood thickness during this period. It is best to have ECG, blood test and scanning at least once a month. For many, Mikai has been in pain and tiredness for several weeks.

What to do?

  • The best thing to do is to immediately check the symptom in a couple of days
  • No self-treatment is required for any reason
  • Home isolation is only if the doctor’s advice
  • Getting treated at home is a good idea, even if there is a slight fluctuation.
  • Do not hesitate to seek hospital treatment through the government system if there is a serious problem


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