Covid 19 medicine Favipiravir: Can Corona virus be treated with Glenmark’s Febiflu

Favipiravir Medicine of Glenmark Pharmaceutical Treatment of Covid 19 from Favipiravir Medicine
Febiflu medicine price only Rs 103

World-wide corona virus infection has killed millions of people so far. Tell you that the Chinese virus has engulfed the whole world, not only China. There is no country in the world where the infection of Corona Virus is not spread. Every country is trying to do everything possible to break the infection of CoronaVirus. So far no country in the world has Vaccine of Coronavirus. In order to get rid of infection, research is being done continuously on the discovery of Covid 19 Vaccine by the governments of all countries. But so far no country has been successful in finding Vaccine of Coronavirus.

Good news: government approves Glenmark's drug febiflu for treatment of corona
Good news: government approves Glenmark’s drug febiflu for treatment of corona

To prevent the spread of infection in Corona virus infection patients, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched an antiviral drug in the market. Glenmark Pharmaceutical medicine Favipiravir is being made available in the market under the brand name febiflue medicine after the approval of the Indian Pharmaceutical Engineering (DCGI).

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What is Favipiravir Medicine?

Favipiravir Medicine will be used in India for the prevention of Corona Virus in the name of Febiflu. As a matter of fact, Favipiravir Medicine is already given as an antiviral drug to influenza patients in Eastern countries like China and Japan. According to some reports Favipirvir medicine is also used to treat other viral infections. In the Coronavirus study, this drug is being pressurized after the disclosure that Favipiravir Medicine can make the treatment of Coronavirus possible. Let’s know how Favipiravir medicine works? READ MORE

How does it work Favipiravir medicine?

During the Coronavirus in China, there were reports of continuous research on this drug during the month of February. During the research by some experts, Favipiravir drug showed faster effect of infection than other drugs. CityScan of people affected by the infection has also seen a lot of improvement and at the same time people also felt that Corona is looking healthy with the infection.

How will the corona virus be treated?

After the approval of DCGI, work is being done continuously to treat the Favipiravir drug called Febiflu in India. DCGI has asked for a 14-day course of febiflue medicine. According to media reports, the condition of the first 1000 Covid 19 patients will be monitored for Febiflu drug testing. Can conduct patient trials in 10 major government and private hospitals of the country.

What is the cost of the infection drug febiflu?

Anti-viral claims Fevipiravir Medicine is hot in the market for discussions across the country. To overcome the infection of Corona in the country, new things are coming out about this drug by the Glenmark company under the name of febiflue medicine. For your information, tell that with febiflue medicine it is possible to treat those who are suffering from minor infections. While talking about the price of this medicine, a tablet of Febiflue can cost Rs 103. According to some media reports, the permission to sell Febiflue medicine in India has been given by DCGI.

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