Deal before March 7, these 7 tasks will not be affected by April 1st

The new financial year begins April 1, 2021. The new financial year is going to bring many changes in us and your life that will have a direct impact on the pocket. At the same time, the deadline for the Income Tax Department for some of the major work related to the bank is 31 March 2021. If you do not complete that task before March 31, you may be in trouble. SBI and ICICI may also be deprived of the bank’s cheap home loan. Tell us what tasks need to be disposed of before March 31…

The key rules for PF will change from April 1, which will affect your pocket

ICICI Bank’s cheap home loan till March 31

ICICI Bank has announced that it will lower the home loan interest rate to 6.70 per cent. Customers can avail this interest rate for home loans up to Rs 75 lakh, but for loans above Rs 75 lakh, interest rates are set at 6.75 per cent. The interest rate proposal is valid until March 31, the bank said. This is the lowest rate this decade.

PNB customers must do this important work by March 31st

If you are the account holder of PNB, the country’s second largest state-owned bank, you will need to do some important work by March 31, otherwise your transaction may be halted, Punjab National Bank told its customers via Twitter. This means that these codes will not work after 31 March 2021. If you want to transfer money, you need to get a new code from the bank.

SBI is offering a Rs 75 lakh home loan at 6.7%

SBI is a major contributor to home loans. State Bank of India has announced a discount of up to 70 bps (basis point) with interest rates from 6.7% to 100% discount on home loan customers by March 31. Debt amount, interest and processing fees will be waived according to the applicant’s Sybil score. Those who want to get a home loan can apply for a home loan through the bank’s Yono app. Customers can visit the bank’s website to apply for a home loan.

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Register at PM Kisan by March 31st

The number of farmers receiving the PM Kisan Summon Fund has now increased to 11 crore 69 lakhs. Under this, the Modi government pays Rs 6,000 annually in two installments of two thousand rupees in three installments. Seven installments have been sent to the Farmers Account since the project began. So far, those who cannot register under the PM Kisan Summon Fund scheme, if they apply before March 31 and receive their application, Holi will then receive Rs 2000 for them. And you get it in April or May. You get Rs. 2000 as the second installment.

Easy chance to get KCC by March 31st

Don’t be discouraged if you are a farmer and have not yet created your farmer’s credit card (KCC). The government is preparing a Kisan credit card with a campaign until March 31. Farmers who have not yet received KCC can contact their nearest bank branch. The government has simplified the process of getting KCC for this. Now the farmers have to fill out the easiest form and they get KCC in 15 days. Explain that the service charge of Rs 3 lakh on KCC loan has been waived.

March 31 Conflict-Belief Plan Deadline

The Department of Income Tax has extended the deadline for providing details under the Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme for ‘Confidence in Dispute’ between March 31 and April 30. The Income Tax Department wrote on Twitter that the CBDT has extended the deadline to declare the dispute under the trust law by March 31, 2020. Payment deadlines have been increased to 30 April 2021 with no additional costs. The deadline to declare under the plan was February 28, and the deadline to pay the disputed tax amount was March 31.

Mandatory for QR Code provisions after 31 March 2021

The company exempts companies from penalizing non-compliance with QR Code provisions in case of transaction bills (B to C). Bills made up to 31 March 2021 are exempt from this. However, it is mandatory for companies to exempt QR code provisions from April 1, 2021, with penalties.