Delhi government gives corporations Rs 938 crores, Sisodia said – For this money salary, even BJP people should not steal them

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday announced a grant of Rs 938 crore for the wages of three Delhi Metropolitan Employees. He urged corporation employees to keep track of these funds so that the BJP should not eat the money sent by the Delhi government. Seeing the hardship of corporation employees, the Delhi government has arranged this Rs 938 crore from other schemes at the behest of the chief minister, he said.

Sisodia said the BJP, which came to power 14 years ago, has completely liquidated three metropolitan areas. The BJP has sucked corporations so badly, they have not left the kernels. Sisodia said that only Rs 12 crore is left in the bank account of the North Delhi Metropolitan Corporation while the East Municipal Corporation has only Rs 99 lakh.

6276 crore for Delhi government corporations

6276 crore for corporations by Delhi government. The bank was liquidated in such a large amount by liquidating the corporation. Now the city has no money to pay its employees for policing. The corporation is no longer suited for swatching and building building maps. Sanitary workers, teachers and medical staff are not getting paid. The deputy chief minister said that Rs 11,500 crore should be obtained from the Delhi Metropolitan Center, but the Center believes that this money cannot be given to it as the BJP is eating it up. Even though such assistance is written in law, due to corruption, the central government is not funding Delhi’s metropolis.

Sisodia said the chief minister had ordered the corporation to help its employees by arranging anywhere. However, the Delhi government is also lacking money. Our revenues were up 50%. Half the tax money is coming. Because of this, we had to stop many projects. As a rule, there is no liability to the Delhi government but Rs 938 crore for employees’ wages.

The worst of the market due to the lockdown

He said the market is in a bad state of mind due to Corona and Lockdown. The Delhi government is hard at work. Despite this, in order to pay salaries to the employees of the metropolitan area, we somehow have to stop other projects and cut the amount of other departments by Rs 938 crore. The amount is being paid for salaries, Sisodia said. Now I want to say to the BJP people who have not stolen this money and paid their salaries.

He said the crisis of the corporation is now just a year away. Next year, the Aam Aadmi Party government will come to power and the Delhi government’s budget will increase from Rs 30,000 crore to Rs 60,000 crore, as will the corporation’s budget. If you work honestly, there is no need to look back on this day.