Delhi High Court asks AAP government – why wait till now to reduce the number of guests at weddings

The Delhi government has decided to reduce the number of guests at the wedding ceremony from 200 to 50 in the wake of the sudden rise in cases of corona (COVID-19) in the capital Delhi. The Delhi High Court on Thursday asked the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government why it is waiting to reduce the number of guests at weddings.

The court asked why you waited 18 days to limit the number of people at weddings. How many people died during this period from Kovid-19. The court asked the Delhi government about new measures to deal with Kovid-19 that you woke up from and you turned away after asking our questions.

The High Court has realized that the penalties for not wearing masks and maintaining social distance will not be greatly affected.

50 people are allowed to attend weddings in Delhi

Explain that only 50 people, instead of 200, are allowed to attend weddings in the capital. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Wednesday withdrew the previous threshold of guests in view of rising coronavirus cases in the city.

The order was issued after DDMA President Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal approved the AAP government’s permission to allow only 50 people to attend the wedding in the capital. The Delhi government has allowed 200 people to attend the wedding on October 31. During the unlock, the government had set a limit of 50 people.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday that his government has decided to revoke an earlier order permitting 200 people to attend weddings in the city. The decision was taken due to the sudden increase in coronavirus cases in the city due to various factors, the chief secretary Vijay Dev said in an order on Wednesday.

A maximum of 50 per cent of the total hall capacity will be allowed to be closed, but not more than 50, Vijay Dev said. In addition, the application of masks, distance from one another, thermal inspection and washing of hands or swatching will inevitably continue. He said there will be a limit of 50 people in open spaces only.

The Chief Secretary said that all the District Officers, Deputy Superintendents of Police and all concerned officers have been instructed so that the order is strictly followed.

Coronavirus cases in Delhi have increased significantly since October 28, when more than five thousand new cases were reported. More than eight thousand new cases were reported here on November 11.