Desi WWF at Bogapat, shopkeepers fight long hair, see video

You may have seen WWF overseas many times on TV, but you have never seen a fight like WWF in the middle street. A similar scene was also seen in the Bagapat district of UP. A two-pronged battle began in the middle road, all falling heavily on each other. The man with the long hair outnumbered the people. After a quarrel began on both sides, supporters of both sides severely beat each other. Police became active after the video of the fight went viral. About six people have been detained by the police.

The matter is being reported from Barangpat police station in Baghpat district. In fact, in the city’s wool market, there are only two chat shops near the name Nava Durga and Durga. On Monday, two chat vendors got into a dispute over what they call the two storefronts. The matter grew so much that people on both sides were confronted with sticks. Sticks and sticks ran between them. Walking into the public market caused an impression.

Store shutters are closed. There was a chaotic atmosphere. The fight became a bloodbath for many. The police reached the spot and detained half a dozen people. The victims were taken to the city government hospital. Both sides pounded against each other. Speaking to Inspector Ajay Sharma, both sides have ruled against each other. Action will be taken based on the investigation.