Diplomats from 20 countries reach Srinagar, Pakistani propaganda will get a fitting answer to Kashmir

A delegation of European and African diplomats reached Srinagar in a two-day visit. These teams include 24 diplomats from 20 countries, including Brazil, Cuba, France, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and neighboring countries such as Bangladesh. The visit of foreign diplomats is underway after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 and the recent reorganization of the state by the District Development Boards. This is not the first time foreign diplomats have reached the lands of Jammu and Kashmir since the Corona crisis. Prior to this, in 2020, groups of foreign diplomats arrived in January and February in two stages.

After the removal of Article 370, Pakistan’s harassment campaign in Jammu and Kashmir offers an appropriate answer. The people of Jammu and Kashmir participated in the recent District Development Council elections with full enthusiasm. This is a strong indication that the situation is common in the Union Territory. In addition, the 4G mobile internet service has been launched again recently. After the reorganization, Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a state but a central region. Moreover, Ladakh is also a union territory, but there is no assembly. In a way, Ladakh follows the Chandigarh model of Chandigarh, while Jammu and Kashmir has an alignment like Delhi.

Meanwhile, some separatist organizations operating in Jammu and Kashmir have called the bandh. In January last year, US Ambassador Kenneth Juster, including diplomats from Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, Niger, Nigeria, Morocco, Guyana, Argentina, the Philippines, Norway, the Maldives, Fiji, Togo, Bangladesh and Peru. These diplomats were invited to observe the changed conditions in Jammu and Kashmir. Following this, 25 foreign diplomats were invited back in February. These include diplomats from Germany, Canada, France and Afghanistan.