Disha Ravi granted bail, Delhi Police appeal for bail

Bangalore-based environmental activist Disha Ravi has been granted bail by Patiala House Court on a personal bond of Rs. He was arraigned in Patiala House Court on Tuesday afternoon following the completion of Disha’s one-day police remand. At this time the Delhi police appealed to the court to extend the directed remand for further proceedings, which was rejected by the court.

Disha Ravi’s lawyers told Delhi’s Patiala House court on Saturday that there was no evidence to show that the ‘toolkit’ of farmers’ demonstrations was responsible for the violence on January 26. Following this, the court reserved its bail application Tuesday.

Disha had informed the court through her lawyer that if treason was to increase the performance of farmers globally, I would be in jail. Disha’s lawyer had filed this argument after the Delhi police opposed the bail application of Disha.

At a court hearing, Delhi police opposed Disha Ravi’s bail application, saying it was not just a ‘toolkit’ but a real plan to discredit India and create unrest here. Disha deleted the chat on WhatsApp, she was aware of the legal proceedings. This shows that there was a bad idea behind the ‘toolkit’.

Disha Ravi is part of the Indian chapter of a global conspiracy to discredit India and cause unrest in the sluggishness of farmers’ demonstrations, police said. A banned organization called the Sikhs for Justice has been announced on January 11 to reward a man who hoisted the Khalistani flag at India Gate and the Red Fort, Delhi Police said today.

However, Delhi Police said the toolkit has been leaked on social media and is available in the public sector, and it is planned to be removed and displayed.

The organization is being operated by Canada and the Delhi Police has told the court that someone should fly a flag at the Red Fort India Gate. He wanted to carry out such activities in the wake of the peasant protest and that is why the Poetic Justice Foundation is involved.

As for Khalistan, Delhi Police say Vancouver is an important venue for anti-India activities and that Kisan Ekta Company is in touch with another organization in Vancouver.

The Court held that the Additional Solicitor General, S.V. Raju asked him what evidence you have gathered for the January 26 violence toolkit. The investigation is ongoing and we need to find evidence, ā€¯Delhi Police said.

Attorney Siddharth Agarwal, who is appearing for Disha Ravi, said that Disha had nothing to do with Khalistan and that the Sikhs had nothing to do with justice or the PJF.