Don’t get caught by buying an old phone, this website will tell you whether the device is stolen or not

The number of new phones and second hand smartphones that we buy in our country. Buying a used phone through websites like OLX and Quiker is much easier. However, buying a second hand phone can sometimes bother you. There have been many cases where stolen devices were sold to customers. Delhi Police has advised the public to avoid such cases.

All information can be found on this website
In fact, Delhi Police has advised second hand phone buyers via Twitter post that they should check their IMEI number whenever they purchase the device. Police have asked to use the zipnet website to verify the IMEI number. The Delhi Police wrote, “Beware of buying a second hand mobile phone. It may have been used in theft / crime.

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How to check the IMEI number on the website
Explain that IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15 digit number, which is unique to every mobile. It acts as a fingerprint for the device. It can be used to identify a device on the network if a smartphone is stolen. So here’s how to check the IMEI number on the ZipNet website:

Whenever you buy a second hand phone, dial * # 06 # on the phone.

Dialing this number comes with the phone’s IMEI number.

Now go to website.

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Click on the Missing Mobile option offered on the website.

Here you will see the search option, click on it.

Now enter the phone’s IMEI number and click Search.

If the phone is stolen or used for any crime, that number will appear in the database.

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