Don’t worry about the phone’s slow internet speed, follow these techniques, it will work in minutes

In today’s era, the Internet is an essential part of our lives. One day, if the Internet is not working or slowing down, our lives will stop doing so. Telecom companies are making great efforts to provide slow Internet speeds. This is why we are gradually moving from 4G to 5G. Today, most people are using 4G networks. While speed is good on 4G network, having multiple 4G network multiple times, internet speed on your smartphone is very slow. Today we have solved your problem. We’re telling you how you can make the Internet run faster by changing the phone’s settings.

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How To Speed ​​Up The Internet On Mobile Phone
The first step: Restarting the Phone Restarting the phone is the first and easiest step. When the phone restarts, the mobile network will search again, which will increase the data speed. Or you can close the data once and open it again.

Second Step: Turn On / Off Flight Mode To increase Internet speed, you can remove the phone by putting it in Flight Mode. Doing this also improves speed.

Step Three: Check Data Usage Daily data limit is available on prepaid plans at the present time. This speed will decrease even after the daily data limit is over.

Step Four: Disable Auto Download Updates: We put auto updates in the Play Store to update all apps, but because of this, a lot of our data is lost and its effect is read out fast. If so, turn off auto-updating and use Wi-Fi to update apps, or update all apps from mobile data on the same day of the week.

Step Five: Change the network speed of the phone By damaging the phone’s settings too many times, the net speed is reduced. The best option is to change your phone’s network settings. If you run 4G net, then open smartphone settings and go to network settings. After this, select 4G or LTE on the preferred type of network. Check the setting of the access point network APN in the smartphone’s network settings when the network is slow. Data speed is slow if the APN is not correct. Go to the APN settings and adjust the settings yourself.

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This is one way
There is also a way to remove the cache from the phone. The more files on your phone, the slower it will be. The collection should therefore be kept clear from time to time. You should keep the collection clear on your phone, at least once a week. You can also take help of Cash Auto Cleaner in the App Store.