Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 2 December 2020 Written Episode Update

Suman Shravan thinking about crying. In the morning, Shravan arrives for breakfast. He thinks of Suman. Dumruh says Suman is not coming, she does not want to have food. Shravan says she has food. He takes food to Sumani. She stares at him. He thinks I can’t tell you how much I love you. She thinks I know you love Sophie now. He says Dumroo said you were sick. She says yes, a little weakness. You know you shouldn’t skip, come and eat breakfast, they say. She asks why are you doing this. They say I want to thank you for taking back the case. She thinks so because of it. He thinks about how to tell the real reason. She eats food. He also eats food. He speaks with Devaraj. I heard Suman was taking the case back as Devaraj says, she had no sense, she realized she was wrong. Shravan asks why we are discussing this, which is good. He ends the call.

Suman asks what the uncle said. Shravan says nothing special. He said I was scared, so I took the case back, why do you feel so bad. What does Shravan say. Suman says the love of my family defeated me. Shravan comes to meet Bunty. He says Suman has withdrawn the case. Bunty asks what, how suddenly. Shravan says you know I have feelings about Suman, now that she does … Bunty says yes, your feelings are high. Shravan says you know I don’t like to stay behind.

Shravan says Suman has done it for Vikram and family. Bunty says I have known you and you since childhood. Shravan says let it go. Bunty says I can’t see love, but your feelings. Shravan laughs. Sophie says I’m booking a ticket. Avni asks her to stay behind. Sophie says I’m sorry, I should go, I have some work. Shravan comes in and greets Aunty. She says I know the excuses for her work. He asks Sophie to stay behind. They say it is not possible. He says well, Avni, let her go. As Avni says it is a matter of a week, then we are leaving too. Shravan actually says, the decision is not in my hands now. Sophie is great, I’ll stay.

Suman is in Kent. Shravan gets there. They say we go to the cabin and talk. They say after you. They will go. You said you should go quickly, even then paperwork would be delayed. They say that’s right, I have no trouble. She really listens. They say yes, I’m ready to wait. They think Shravan is behind him, at least I can see and talk to you. He says once, I’m right here. They say I don’t want you to go, I’m doing what you want. He said yes, I am not in a hurry now, Avni is also here, I have not asked the homeowner, who knows who has finalized another tenant. She says no, I’m glad you’re here. I think you know you love Sophie, I decided to keep up with Vikram, at least some of these days I will make some memories with you. He thinks I can see feelings in me in her eyes, that is her love.

Precape: Suman Vikram says, I want to take back the case. Vikram is shocked. He calls Shravan to inform him. Shravan says I came out, then called. Vikram is shocked to see Shravan and Suman together.