Electoral games and helpless democracy

Will elections be held in West Bengal alone? In answer to this question, no, no one is saying that the battle for the throne for the assembly is going on in all five states. This is true, then why is there so much debate in Bengal? Do the other four states have any influence on the politics of the country? To answer these questions, you must turn to West Bengal. This example of the political war going on is enough to deal with the truth alone. Recently, a scene has been repeatedly shown on instant channels. In it, a woman over the age of 80 living in the North 24 parishes shows a bad ol ‘mouth,’ Those people hit me. I kept refusing, but they kept hitting. I can’t breathe. The whole body is in severe pain. ‘Grandmother-grandmother’s face, the shuddering voice of grief, and the obscure words of pain, but the spontaneous heartfelt narrative. Who created his condition?
To answer this question, his son Gopal Majumdar is remarkable in the next shot. Long-sleeved, curved teeth visible to the mid-cleft lip are enough to increase the case rate. Gopal says, ‘They are 10-12 people. As soon as they arrived, they started killing me. When Mom left the house after listening to Shore-O-Gul, she too started hitting him. Other people at home have also died. The reason? I am a BJP activist. Those killed were Trinamool Congress people. “You recognize someone,” the reporter asks. ‘No, it was dark so could not see.’ Despite all the scope of doubt and suspicion, this answer is enough to ignite the fire. The BJP hanged posters across the state. He peered at the woman’s face and asked, “Isn’t this the daughter of Bengal?” Mamata Banerjee, who describes herself as Bengal’s daughter, said a few days ago that “Bengalis rule Bengal, not outsiders.” He had a strong answer to this.
Channels with quick news are Gadag. The footage was put up for sale, with a spokesman saying it was a stranglehold of his parties, when the Trinamool claimed it was a case of family violence and not political violence. Even the police were stamping on it. Other family members of the victims called themselves eyewitnesses and offered ‘bait’. The couple, who described themselves as grandchildren and nieces, referred to it as a case of family violence. In the eyes of a BJP spokesperson, it is a statement made by the ruling party that the Hukumatanshin party’s statement is aimed at proving that the old woman and her son have been sold.
In the case of the police, the BJP has already proven to be an agent of the Subai government. In contrast, Trinamool calls the CBI, ED and the Income Tax Department the central pet parrot. Remember, what a shameful war in the case of former Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar! Similarly, the Union Home Ministry has withdrawn West IPS officers from the West Bengal cadre following the attack on BJP national president Jayaprakash Nadda’s convoy and vehicle. It was a unique and compelling decision in itself, but the series did not stop here. Recently, ED summons Mamata Banerjee’s son-in-law and later interrogation to give a bitter dimension to the bitterness. The bad luck of Bangkok is that the fire of new controversy is blazing the day it arrives. Until the next plot is drawn up, the political parties will try to make their own bread on this bonfire. We know the cause of this shocking sequence. The BJP wants to take this state to its knees at no cost and Mamata Banerjee is fighting fiercely for not even giving the needle tip. There is little in this game, so every time a new farce is created, the news is created. Hastinapur seems to have come out of the depths of history thousands of years later. There is noise, there is debate, but the facts and arguments are forgotten somewhere.
We Indians have always been fanatical, but such a spectacle of democracy happens that gin is impossible. This is why Bengal is in the headlines and other states are seeing bubbles in the background. However, they are no less important. Even in Assam, Bengal has all the problems of z, but there is no such upset. If I start discussing the importance of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, this place will prove inadequate. It is painful that other electoral issues have also lost serious issues. Leaders are making exaggerated accusations or doing wonders that make their feat go viral. Food images of BJP’s top leaders, whether farmers or dalits, have made headlines, with Rahul Gandhi punishing Tamil Nadu and trafficking Priyanka with indigenous women in Assam. Will it improve the status of the peasantry, Dalits will become part of the mainstream, the status quo of women will change and more people in this country will be able to be punished for malnutrition? There are many such questions, which have led them to seek electoral answers by election. In these questions, the painful story that the elections prodigy is obscured. The time has come for the world’s largest democracy to take the initiative to make itself transparent. The law should apply to political parties to issue white papers half yearly or annually on the implementation of their promises. It should provide for punitive action against its violation or misrepresentation. But could that happen? Back to Bengal. Trinamool has announced here – ‘Khela Hube’ will be a Yani game. The BJP also took it without delay. Now Congress and Left activists are also repeating this. Is it natural to fear that there is no game with our democracy, as the tendency to attract voters is spreading?

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