Excessive sleep can increase the risk of these 5 major diseases, change this habit immediately

Side effects of excessive sleep: Most people think of sleeping late for the holidays. But the problem is when you practice it, and gradually you start to get disturbed by health problems. Yes, sleeping for a long time can overwhelm you with big problems like sugar and obesity. Tell us what are the major disadvantages of sleeping for a long time.

Sleeping for a long time decreases a person’s physical activity and increases the risk of his sugar levels. According to a study published in the journal PLOS, getting more than 9 hours of sleep increases the risk of sugar in a person’s body.

Heart Diseases-
According to a study published in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, too much sleep increases the risk of heart disease. The study found that women who get 9 to 11 hours of sleep increase their risk of heart disease by 38 percent.

Chances of depression
You may be surprised to learn that too much sleep can also cause depression. According to a recent study published in PLOS, overeating can lead to depression. Not only this, but sleeping for a long time, idleness stays within the person and his mind is not engaged in daily work.

Back pain
People who sit in a chair and work for hours, if they sleep for long periods, may experience back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Sleeping for a long time, physical activity becomes insignificant. A person spends most of his time eating, sitting or sleeping. This will lead to further weight gain and obesity. Not only this, the digestion process begins to slow down and the problem of constipation begins to disturb the person.

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