Exercising nationalism and Hinduism in Dravidian politics, linking BJP and elite with party

The BJP has expanded in several states in the last five-six years. But Tamil Nadu is still tough on the BJP. In Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian politics, the BJP was unable to stand alone or hold its own. But the party at hand, they never give up. Therefore, in the upcoming assembly elections, the party is trying to enter the state with the help of nationalism and Hindutva.

In fact, preparations for the BJP’s assembly elections have already begun before Amit Shah’s visit to Tamil Nadu. The party is working on many levels. A recruitment campaign is underway in the party of leaders, former officials and enlightened people of the society. About one hundred and fifty people are expected to join the party within the next one week. The party is conducting a grassroots campaign to spread the functions of the central government through information technology in the state.

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The Allied AIADMK is not comfortable with the party’s Vetrivel Yatra, which is open to the public on Hindutva. It is said that the BJP and AIADMK should not contest together in the Assembly elections. However, there is also talk of continuing alliances on both sides. But recently, the national president of BJP Women’s Morcha, Vati Srinivasan, made it clear that Dravidian politics has done real damage to Hinduism.

The BJP got 12-20 lakh votes in the state assembly and Lok Sabha elections. If we look at the percentage, the BJP did not win the seat in the 2016 Assembly elections, even with 2.86 per cent votes. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party won 5.5 per cent of the votes and one seat. He did not win the 2019 Lok Sabha polls despite voting 3.66 per cent. But there are some achievements in the BJP account in the state. In 2001, the BJP won four seats in the assembly and one in 1996. Recently, the BJP has managed to win over 80 BJP candidates. The state BJP has claimed that at least 60 seats could be secured if it is properly prepared for the upcoming assembly elections.

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A central BJP leader said the party was very serious about Tamil Nadu. Second, many celebrities can join the party in the next few days. Among the dignitaries were former Union Minister and Karunanidhi’s son M.K. The names of Alhagiri and Rajinikanth are discussed. But it is not clear whether the alliance will continue with AIADMK.