Fans loved the way Rubina Dilaik took a stand against Nikki Tamboli’s confirmed status

ere’s a recap of all the events that aired on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14:

Tonight’s episode was terrible. When Bigg Boss asked the other contestants to decide whether she was eligible to be a confirmed competitor, we saw Nikki’s sword hanging from her neck. At the Bigg Boss Throw Googly, contestants were asked to discuss whether or not Nikki should remain a confirmed contender. Things got heated when Nikki asked everyone to say their point of view. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14 Promo: ‘Mera Munh, Mary Marzi,’ Rahul Healer And Holy Punia Get Into A Clutter – Watch Video

Rahul’s physician, John Kumar Sanu, Pavithra Punia, Aizaz Khan and Nishant Singh Malkhani felt they deserved to be a confirmed candidate. When explaining her reasons, John confirmed that she would like to brag about her affirmation, which is not good. Nishant agreed with his point. Later, Rubina DeLike pointed out that she loved the way John conveyed her opinion but that if they really considered her a friend, she would make a mistake and stop her. Read also – Bigg Boss 14, Day 14 Summary: Nikki’s confirmed status at risk; Will the contestants gang up on her again?

Nikki agreed with her stuff. Nevertheless, Nishant and John went on to defend themselves. Rubina burst into Nikki’s bubble as if there weren’t two ways to go about anything. If Nikki has earned her confirmed status and is a little arrogant with that fact, she is not eligible to become a confirmed competitor. She pointed out that people should not have two faces because Nikki knows that it is wrong to taunt and belittle others, they should stop her there and then but they support her. Read also – Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli or Jasmine Bhasin – Who do you think is the winner for Saman? – Vote now

Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan saw Bigg Boss 14 win quality in Rubina. However, Siddharth did not agree with his viewpoint. Rubina and the fans of the show love the way Rubina burst Nikki’s bubble and blew everyone else away.

Here’s how the audience responded: