Farmer leaders said – If the police come to arrest you, surround them

The agitation of farmers against the agrarian laws of the government in various borders of Delhi is continuing. Meanwhile, farmer leaders have accused the police of sending false notices to harass farmers. Farmers have appealed to the Punjab government not to cooperate with the Delhi police.

“It is very difficult to arrest anyone from our organization,” Farmer leader Joginder Singh Ugrahan said. If the government does this stupid thing, it is not right. The people of Punjab already know. If the police are going to arrest them, they are surrounded because the issued notice is incorrect. At the same time, BKU leader Balbir Singh Rajeewal told the farmers that the Delhi Police personnel would come to their villages to arrest you.

Raiswal told farmers in Kisan Mazdoor Ekta Maharali in Barnala, Punjab, “If the Delhi Police personnel come to arrest you, the whole village should come together and oppose them.” Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union. Two days ago, Haryana Biku chief Gurnam Singh Chadhuni made a similar appeal.

Rajival told the farmers that if the Delhi police issues a notice for their involvement in the probe, they should not appear before them and the Delhi police personnel should come and arrest them. Narendra Modi’s government in the center is afraid of the agitation of the farmers and alleged that the police were issuing notices to supporters of ‘langar’ or farmers at a protest site near the Delhi border.