Father Aayush Sharma was very pleased with Ahil’s case and said – Son, eat chocolate

Salman Khan’s niece and actor Aayush Sharma is very active on social media. They often share family photos and videos. Aayush has posted some pictures and videos of his son Ahil, which is very appealing. In the video, Ayush is seen playing with Ahil in the garden. He is mocking Ahil by raising him in his lap, making him laugh so much.

Moreover Ayush has shared the video on Insta Story. In the video, Aayush asks his son Ahil, ‘Who’s your favorite actor? Northern Ahil, father takes the name of Ayush. Aayush Sharma, who shared the video, wrote ‘Jaa son eat chocolate’.

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Ayush Sharma is busy with his new film Final: The Final Truth. Salman Khan will also be seen in the lead role. A few days ago, Aayush shared the look of the movie with the much-loved Apna and Salman. Samlan Khan will be seen playing the role of Sikh Cop in the film, while Ayush will play the gangster. Ayush created a tremendous body for the movie which was featured in the teaser. The film is being directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.

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What’s special is that, apart from Salman Khan’s ‘Lost’, he will also be seen in Radhe. The film is set to be released this year during Eid. The film was supposed to be released on Eid last year, but the shooting could not be completed due to the corona epidemic. Salman Khan and Disha Patni had completed shooting when the lock was opened.