Flour: Know the poison you eat every day with a hobby, its health risks

Eating breakfast with refined flours like kachori, mathri, salt pare, samosa etc. is common in Indian homes. Everything has been going on since ancient times, but it has now been replaced by pizza and bread. But the thing is, we ate maida before and still eat it today. Suppose most of the food made from good flour is very delicious – Rumoli bread, naan, cake, pastry, baked food biscuit, namkeen, pasta, noodles, samosas… this list is never over!

Flour is found in all junk food. It is widely used in hotels, homes, street food and bakeries everywhere. We know that maida (white flour) or products made from it are harmful to our health. But many of us have no idea why it is bad or how much it hurts us.

Tell us why Maida is harmful to health:

Substances made from refined flour can fill our stomachs for a long time. Because it only contains calories. The flour is finely ground to make a fine dough, and in this process the good bacteria and bran in it are removed.

Therefore, foods made from fine flour are used to digest the nutrients that are present in the body. Because of this, the deposition of vitamins and minerals in the body is reduced. Wheat, in its refined form, is harmful to the body because it not only makes you fat, but also invites many diseases.

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Also, in the process of preserving good flour-made foods and for a long time, many harmful toxins are added, which are even more harmful to the body:

1. Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide bleaching agent, which is used to make the dough white. Benzoyl peroxide is a harmful chemical used in teeth whitening products and hair dyeing. In its concentrated form, it can be quite explosive.


2. Alloxan

Another chemical called aloxan is also added to provide a smooth texture to the dough. Animal testing can destroy beta cells of the alloxan pancreas, resulting in type 2 diabetes.

3. Benzoic acid

Flax contains dangerous chemicals, such as benzoic acid and sodium meta-sulfate, which is a profound risk factor, especially for children and pregnant women.

If you are consuming flour flour every day, you may need to take these health risks

1. Risk of obesity

Maida’s glycemic index is around 71. This means it has twice as many calories as other foods. Therefore, eating this will increase the amount of calories in the body. By eating more calories, the body’s cells can get more glucose than needed, which is stored as fat, which leads to rapid weight gain.

Maida causes weight gain

2. Digestive problems

One of the great side effects of good flour is that it interrupts the digestive system. Flour has very little nutrition and zero fiber. Lack of fiber makes it difficult to digest. It negatively affects the metabolic rate and regularly interrupts bowel movements that lead to constipation and other digestive problems.

3. Invites other fatal diseases

Eating too much refined flour can cause blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease. Dough contains cholesterol, which blocks the arrays and increases stress. All these have a very negative effect on immunity. In addition, Maida is acidic, which increases inflation.

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