Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt praised India’s cricketing system, he is not like us

Currently, there is a lot of depth in Indian cricket. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is sending its main team to England for the final of the World Test Championships and the Test series against England. On the other hand, they are sending another team to Sri Lanka for a limited series with Sri Lanka in July. Former New Zealand fast bowler Richard Headley recently praised the Indian cricketing system as saying that the world needs cricket. Responding to his statement, the former Pakistan captain agreed with Salman Butt.

Salman said on his YouTube channel that India has made cricket a right priority. So I commend them and their policy. They ask children to play a three-day match at the school level. Any new young player coming to represent India has the right experience. One must have already played 40 games at first class level. Someone else played 50 games and some 35 games. Usually it is 60 to 70.

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The 36-year-old Butt said India’s players matured in the early days of international cricket. This is because he has reached the top of the tough times in domestic cricket. He is well prepared because he has been playing domestic cricket for 4 to 5 years. He criticized Pakistan’s cricketing system and cited the example of the Indian cricketing system.

He said it’s not like us. We have a long line of players. When they do something under the age of 19 or in the PSL, there is a lot of commotion about such a player and they are quickly brought into the team. If one person says that his legs are not moving, the other one is not bringing the bat down at the right time. The third says there is a gap and the fourth one says he cannot play at this level. It is then thrown back.

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